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10 Essentials to Always Look Stylish

As we have seen, there are essential clothes to have a functional and stylish wardrobe. These are the basics that every woman must-have. However, beyond these essentials, and often timeless pieces, there are also small things that are very useful for our look. Lipstick, jewellery, perfumes. Here are ten ideas for clothes and accessories to always be stylish.

A Fitted Dress

Ideal for those days when you want to highlight your femininity and spice up your everyday look a little. Choose a perfectly fitted dress and adapt it to your body type.

A Jacket or Blazer

Now that the sunny days are here, it becomes almost useless to adorn yourself with a heavy, thick coat. Instead, opt for a pretty fitted jacket or a chic blazer that will finish your outfit in no time. A jacket/blazer will not only bring you comfort but also a stylish and feminine look.

Fitted Jeans

Every woman needs jeans that match her figure in her wardrobe. Take your time to choose yours. The fit of your jeans should be perfect. It must adapt to your body type, highlight it and follow your curves with chic and femininity.

Comfortable Shoes

If you don't already have a pair, try to find the right pair of shoes for those days when you have no obligations. A comfortable pair of shoes adapted to your outfits and daily activities. Make sure to remember this reminder when buying or getting ready to put them on. Your chosen shoes should be Classic, Clean, and Comfortable.


Even if you're not a fan of handbags, it's hard to do without one. Find the bag that suits your needs but also your figure.

A Hat

A hat is essential to perfect your outfits and assert your style of dress. Practical, it protects against bad weather (rain, wind, sun) and is very easy to wear. There is such a wide variety of hats that it won't be hard to find the right one that best suits your style.


Always have a piece of jewellery to accessorise your outfit. Whether it's a bracelet, necklace, watch, jewellery will always elegantly complement your outfits. Basic clothes consisting of jeans and a T-shirt can be transformed and appear stylish when paired with an accessory on the wrist or around the neck.


Because they add a bit of mystery to our natural charm and because they come in handy on sunny days or when you don't want to put on makeup, sunglasses are essential. Choose a pair of glasses that will adapt to your face.

Colourful Lipstick

The pretty colour of lipstick can make any woman ten times more beautiful! If you are not used to wearing it, do not hesitate to ask for advice. Choose a lipstick colour that flatters your complexion and your face. Above all, go for a colour that you are comfortable with and will boost your confidence.


Perfume is a courtesy offered to those who are close to us or who cross our path. Also, the scent acts as a signature. Make sure you leave a positive impression in the minds of the people you meet by choosing your footprint wisely. Perfume stores now offer small pocket diffusers, the size of a tube of lipstick. Fill yours with your favourite scent.

“Being stylish is about enjoying your life and expressing yourself and your inner light.” – Tori Amos


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