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4 Tips to Look Charming ... Effortlessly

Knowing her strengths, her qualities are essential to be attractive. Appearing a charming lady doesn’t take a lot of investment, nor does it take a lot of time. If you want to highlight your affable and fascinating character, if you want to reveal your natural grace, we invite you to read these 4 tips, easy to adopt, to reveal all the charm that lies dormant in you.

Forget the ideals of fashion magazines

If you weigh a few pounds more or less than the women in fashion magazines or if you are a few inches shorter or more than those models who appear on the advertising campaigns of these same magazines, this is not the case. Don't pay too much attention to these covers and don't compare yourself to these young women. The various media tend to let us think that there is a standard to follow, an ideal standard, perfect measurements and that certain criteria must absolutely be met to appear charming, glamorous or sexy. Remember that these standards change very quickly, and your figure can easily be overlooked. Instead of comparing yourself to those glossy girls lying down, think of your flaws as things that set you apart and learn to love yourself for who you are so you can feel comfortable in your sneakers.

Have correct posture and smile more

Did you know that just straightening up makes us look slimmer and highlights our curves? Better yet, an upright posture refers to the eyes that observe us the image of a confident, self-confident woman. Good posture is therefore an important element in giving a good image of ourselves. Also, to appear more charming, it is advisable to smile more. Why? According to a recent study, the faces of happy women are simply more attractive to men. The more a woman is smiling, the more beautiful she appears in the eyes of those who look at her. So, before you wonder what to wear, start by brightening up your day by adopting your best smile and standing up straight.

Control your figure and the clothes that enhance it

Knowing your body type is essential to always be impeccably dressed and to appear charming. This will help you make the right decisions when you go shopping and identify more quickly what is right for you. The different cuts of clothing, fashionable or not, do not necessarily suit your body type. Necklines, empire waistlines or cinched lines can be more or less adapted to your figure.

If, for example, you have an hourglass-like body type (with shoulders and hips of the same width and a small waist), go for slim, fitted cuts and don't hesitate to bet on the necklines.

If you have an inverted pyramid shape (with shoulders wider than the hips), rebalance your figure by wearing fluid tops and opt for V-necks. There are several types of body types and each has its strengths so do not hesitate.

Choose flattering accessories

If you want to invest in a new pair of glasses (sunglasses or not) or a new handbag, take the time to find the piece that will flatter your body. For example, the size of your handbag should be proportionate to your body type. If you are petite, it is best to go for a small handbag that will make you look taller. If, on the contrary, you are tall, opt for a large handbag.

Generally, it is advisable to choose a handbag of the opposite shape to your figure. So, if you are slender and tall, go for a round handbag. If you're petite and have a few curves, opt for a rectangular-shaped handbag instead.

By becoming aware of your body type and keeping these few tips in mind, you will quickly be complimented on the charm you exude, and you will no longer have any trouble finding ready-to-wear items or accessories made for you. All this effortlessly, as promised.


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