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5 Fashion Errors That Grow Every Time

Whether you are thin or more voluptuous, some clothing habits can be fatal and give the impression of extra pounds. Here's what to avoid and our tips to have everything good!

Fashion is not an easy exercise! With the multitude of cuts and patterns at the heart of the signs, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around and above all, to think of the right clothing mixes to ensure a slender silhouette. Because yes, certain details such as poorly chosen patterns or un-adapted and yet simple shapes can disadvantage the pace, and worse, give this impression of extra pounds that we would do without. Why visually inflict one or two additional sizes on each other when very often there is a very small trick to rectify the shot?

The imposing patterns and horizontal lines that weigh down the silhouette
Large tiles, maxi flowers or horizontal scratches are indeed the first "to grow" patterns. They are not banned, far from it, but we choose them preferably smaller, and thinner because they are more neutral, which will pass much better and at the same time divert attention from possible morphos defects.
For stripes, we just change their orientation and that's it. Vertical, they will even significantly lengthen the silhouette. And of course, we do not put our favourite sailor top in the closet: in this case, we will wear it with a classic, plain bottom, and if possible close to the body like slim jeans or a pencil skirt to balance everything.

Shiny clothes that attract attention to defects
End-of-year parties, weddings, garden parties or prepared evenings: there is always a good opportunity to dress up with shine and play with pearly and satin effects. And that doesn't forgive! Especially when it comes to flexible and therefore slightly shapeless materials.
Who says shine, says light, and therefore full fire on the defects of the silhouette. It is therefore important to know your morphology well to wear a shiny piece, preferably on the finest part of your anatomy. And we calm the game with the rest of the outfit!

The ornaments in abundance add a size!
There too, very sweet! We like steering wheels and other frills, especially this season, but not too much. Let's face it, the drapes and folds add at least one size visually. As a result, we play it finely with some details of the most beautiful effect on a simple blouse for example, which we will mix more easily with a bottom close to the body. On the other hand, we will bet on a more fitted top if it is a ruffled or ruffled skirt.

The boat or neck passes that "cup"
The more "up" the collar, the more it will compact the silhouette. So, there is nothing like a V-neck or a large round to clear the neck to the maximum and therefore visually create this impression of length. This will refine the silhouette, and at the same time will make a beautiful neckline.

The wrong shoes
Although they are heeled or very low-cut, shoes with straps on the ankle, boots on tights or sandals with high laces, are fatal morpho levels. They cut the leg and therefore reduce any hope of lengthening and highlighting the legs. We, therefore, prefer the strap at the back of the heel: good news, it's the great fashion of slingback!
And we give you one last very useful tip: choosing shoes of a colour close to your skin tone is a winning bet to make your silhouette as much as possible.

It's up to you!
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