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5 Lightweight Pants Perfect for Summer

Trousers are a good option during the summer, especially for those who are cold and have to adapt to the air conditioning in the office, also for those who are less comfortable with dresses and skirts.

Luckily, there are so many styles of lighter pants in the shops, which lend themselves to a host of summer occasions!

Linen pants are THE pants to wear this summer. Whether you are going for a stroll on the beach or a girl’s night out on a terrace, it adapts to all your summer looks.

Small tip: adjust the choice of your sandal/shoe according to the desired style.

These are essential pants in your wardrobe. White is a versatile colour, so it is easy to coordinate with just about any piece of yours; you can easily create many looks with this one!

For this summer, opt for white, loose pants. They are light, comfortable and will bring movement to your outfit.

In summer, we dare the colours, but also the prints. The floral pattern is perfect for matching the beauties of summer nature.

We arrange it with a neutral top to not overload the whole look.

Fluid pants are the perfect choice for a dressy look with ease.

To enhance your outfit, opt for a light blouse or a pretty camisole.

One of my favourite summer pants! The high-waisted pants have a straight cut. They hug the waist wonderfully, in addition to bringing that classy touch that we like from a dressier outfit.

Wear it with a fitted top to create a nice balance. For cooler evenings, match your outfit with a loose blouse or even with wool over your shoulders.


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