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5 Mini Skirts to Wear in Summer and Winter

In summer, baring your legs is a must… but what is the coolest way to show off your tan? Simple: wear classic and timeless miniskirts! Impossible to spend a summer without her short denim or ruffled skirt. What if we told you that the summer mini skirt designs you are wearing right now will be perfect to wear even in the autumn?! Nothing is lost and, everything is transformed, and especially in the field of fashion. For a more minimalist wardrobe, here are the summer skirts to wear during the four seasons of the year.

Now is the time to focus on the short, but not just any short one: at Karen Marie’s Boutique, we have selected for you the models of summer miniskirts which are currently popular among fashion addicts and which you can wear even when the temperatures drop, transforming them into sometimes casual, sometimes trendier, autumn miniskirts. Perfect with a crop top or with an oversized sweater. Paired with a pair of flat sandals or the latest ankle boots: here are the summer miniskirts you can’t miss right now (and put on all year round)!

With the trend of the tennis skirt, the pleated skirt is back in force this summer. In the hot season, the bright colour versions are a must. In autumn, bright colours are always there and can be worn with other seasonal colours, such as navy blue or green. The preppy chic look is yours!

Has print ever gone out of fashion? Not really. The print mini skirt can be worn with espadrilles or pretty sandals in summer. When the temperatures drop, it's with rock'n'roll boots and a black maxi-sweater.

Have we been able to make it more iconic than the denim skirt? Not sure! From the denim skirt + sandals combo in summer, we go for the winning combination with retro sneakers and mountain socks in autumn!

Do you want to take some of that lightness of summer with you in the autumn? The ruffle skirt is the perfect way to do it. From the slightly crazy and glamorous piece, it becomes more bohemian worn with ankle boots!

Is there anything more iconic than the denim skirt? In summer, the combo paired with a pair of sandals is ideal for fighting the heat in style. When the cold season arrives, replace summer shoes with a gorgeous pair of knee-high boots.

We assure you that the leather skirt has its place in spring and summer. For chilly evenings or for trips to the coast where it can get cooler than elsewhere, this is the perfect piece. Wear it with a short-knit top that contrasts with its smooth skin or with a maxi sweater in winter!


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