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6 Beautiful Trendy Coats for Autumn 2020

If there's one thing I love about autumn, it's feeling the chill set in and start wearing my few seasonal jackets and coats again. With our harsher winters, it's hard to wear a little more stylish coats ... so it's in the autumn that we can afford to diversify our looks with different styles of coats.

Every autumn, the essential coat presents many stylistic variations: from the classic coat to the leopard coat, including the oversized coat or the down jacket.

A sartorial acquisition inherent in autumn, the choice of the right coat is at the centre of stylistic concerns: available in all forms and all lengths, it adapts to all trends so as not to be cold with fashion.

The coat is an essential piece to warm up in autumn. But faced with the choice of coats available in shops, how do you find the right one? The one that will protect you from the cold while boosting your autumn silhouette? To help you find the perfect coat that will make you love autumn, take a look at our smart tips and our best shopping for women's coats.

Do you find the usual black coat too overhauled? Discover our selection of 6 super trendy and accessible coats, for a successful autumn!


If for a long time, we were able to settle for a simple mid-season jacket (a denim jacket or a faux leather perfecto did the job perfectly!), It's a fact: the temperatures are starting to drop, the days are getting shorter ... Yes, winter is coming little by little, and we will have to sort out our dressing room! It is high time to get warm coats and other down jackets out of the closets.


Which coat for my body type?


Before choosing the coat that will suit you best for this new season, you must already make a point on the morpho side. And that's good since we’re already guiding you step by step to find your ideal coat! What should not be overlooked? The length of the coat of course! It should even be your first selection criteria. Are you rather small? So, beware of coats that are too long (that doesn't mean it's a ban!). The option not to be mistaken: the pea coat, mid-thigh shape, because it fits everyone, even the tallest!

If you are looking for the perfect coat for this autumn, which will be both. trendy and warm, all without breaking the bank, do not hesitate to look further on! The coat of your dreams may be right here ...!


1.Faux Fur Long Casual Coat £90

Wrap up warm this season in this colourful faux fur casual coat. 


2.Faux Fur Fuzzy Colour Block Open Front Coat £100

Cold days. Warm hearts.


3.Hooded Medium-Long Casual Parka £85

Warm autumn wishes!


4.Medium-Long Wadded Thick Cotton Padded Warm Parka £90

Create your ideal wardrobe look with this thick warm parka coat.


5.Autumn/Winter Warm Hooded Parka £130

Share the warmth!

6.New Autumn/ Winter Ultra-Light Parka £150

Healthy throats have warm coats!

“Style is something each of us already has, all we need is to find it." —Diane von Furstenberg


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