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6 Looks to be on Top for the Month of May

In May, we do what we like. True to the saying, the girls in the coup have definitely abandoned their coats, cashmere sweaters, and leather boots, now preferring to bet on pieces more suited to the weather.


At mid-season, the latter nevertheless remains capricious and subjects its vagaries until June, before the definitive return of sunny days.

To face, the fashionistas bet on their favourite pieces, timeless basics of the female wardrobe, like the trench, blazer, jeans, or even structured shirts, which they dare to mix with more summer pieces. Midi skirts, bohemian dresses, wispy blouses, denim jacket, and heeled sandals make a discreet first appearance alongside summer accessories such as sunglasses and golden jewellery, already integrated into the fashionistas' looks since April. And if it is not yet time to bring out the swimsuits, it is nevertheless advisable to take a look at the side of the models of the season before the latter disappears.

A few weeks before the long-awaited arrival of summer, the time is now for preparations. Those of the summer wardrobe, the organization of holidays, and long weekends away by the sea.

Here is a street-style of 6 pieces to impatiently wait for summer and stay on top every day for the month of May.



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