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7 New Looks for September

The month of September is synonymous with renewal. Regeneration of energy, new desires ... And we finally turn to the trends that will illuminate the coming months.

This coming September is an opportunity to get a makeover and get inspiration to renew your style. Or to give it new impetus, a new lease of life, if you are already on the way.

Here is our style manifesto for this upcoming Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 season… new looks, unique styles that should leave their mark in your life.

You are dressed for September!

Classic with Charm

Let's start from a principle, classic yes, but never boring!

Here’s a classic yet electric look that vibrates with intensity.

Black & white striped top with flare sleeves for a touch of originality in your choice of basic. Wear with jeans to give you a relaxed look.

Warm & Elegant

For those chilly days approaching, here's an autumn look but not monotonous!

Jumper or cardigan in chunky wool with a slight oversize effect for flexibility and a certain indifferent elegance.

To compose a look right on the trend of the season, allow yourself a combination of colours. A super-soft pullover.

Beat the Cold

Revisit workwear with an outfit that plays on blends and contrasts.

Be fun, fearless and fab, this Faux Fur Vest is all you need to punch up your cold-month wardrobe. With a brilliant trifecta of multi-coloured ultra-soft faux fur, flattering semi-cropped cut, and cosy pockets.

Chic and Sexy

Who says comfort can't be great?

Try a blend that should inspire you for all occasions: the softness of a casual piece with a chic twist.

Majestic Renaissance Tunic Dress.

And a pair of knee-high boots to turn things around!

Chic, casual, you seem to have an irresistible style quite naturally, without the effort.


New blues trend this season! Forget the striped sweater, welcome the outfit that will make you the captain of the day!

Classic, yet trendy, long sleeve chiffon blouse with front pocket and back button detail

Evenings out

You want parties, dinners, times when you can finally put the packet and shine in an exceptional outfit ... Or that simple contrast with the routine of the week!

This season, your best evenings could be a hymn to sobriety (dress code, of course).

Here again, remember the main rule: "less is more" does not mean counting!

Take out your most beautiful jumpsuit, dare the soft winter blue colour, the cowl neck, sleeveless and without folds: you are elegant and original at the same time.

Comfort & Cosy

If you are asked what your Sunday outfit usually looks like, you answer?

Probably like the vast majority of us ...

Or a “minimal casual” mix. In other words: comfort first. A simple but effective look, and perfectly on-trend.

Neoprene sweater with grey jersey panels and black elbow protection over simple black leggings, you have your base. It’s Sunday, let’s not forget.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel


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