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A Dress Code for all Occasions

Whether it's a party, a weekend getaway or a day out with friends, there are as many different dress codes as there are occasions. This can make it hard to guess what to wear, even if your invitation says you need to wear a particular dress style. It goes without saying that you do not want to risk doing your job by wearing jeans and sneakers at an event where everyone is wearing a dress.

First of all, you need to know what type of event you are going to. You should also find out about the events schedule and the weather forecast. You will then have the opportunity to check that your wardrobe has suitable outfits that come close to the imposed dress code. Remember, different occasions mean different dress codes. If you master them, you will succeed in impressing and attracting benevolent glances in all circumstances. Here are some events you are likely to attend, and the dress codes you should keep in mind.

What clothes to wear at a wedding?

Let the invitation, the schedule and the weather be your only guides. Keep in mind that black is possibly appropriate for a night-time wedding and avoid wearing white at all costs.

This colour is exclusively for the bride. As much as you want to be beautiful, you should not compete with the bride in any way, right? So, we absolutely avoid wearing white.


What clothes to wear in a place of worship?

When you go to a place of worship, you absolutely have to know how to show modesty and decency. The ideal is to wear a skirt that falls below the knee and cover yourself up.

So, avoid outfits that are too suggestive, scooped necklines, short skirts, or any other outfit that could be offensive should be banned.


What clothes to wear for a job interview?

The outfit you are going to wear should reflect your respect and concern for the company you are applying to. Your clothes should support your professional skills, demonstrate that you are capable and inspire confidence. But your outfit depends on the area of activity of the company.

It may be formal attire if you intend to work in logistics, accounting, marketing and business, which requires strict professional attire. On the contrary, it is possible to adopt a more casual outfit for positions in advertising and fashion, which requires a more chic or even trendier outfit.


What clothes to wear for a business meeting?

Dress professionally. The impression you make with your outfit can sometimes

make with your outfit can sometimes make or break deals between business partners and the companies you do business with.


What clothes to wear on a first date?

Be yourself. Never dress for the sole purpose of impressing. You have to be true to your personality. In addition, you are supposed to get to know each other's personalities and qualities.

If not, when do you plan to reveal the real you? From the second, third or fourth meeting?


What clothes to wear for a casual event?

The term casual can be used with many outfits. Classic, trendy, business. Business casual attire is required when the event is held in a company office, lunch, or happy hour because these are business-related events.

For a dinner or cocktail party, it is recommended to choose a long cocktail dress.


What clothes to wear for a pool party or a day at the beach?

Choose swimsuits that suit your body type. For the beach, a maxi dress is perfect to be worn over a swimsuit.

You can also accessorise your outfit with a hat, sunglasses and a beach bag.


What clothes to wear in the evening in nightclubs?

When you go out to a nightclub, your goal is to choose an outfit that impresses you.

Black turns out to be an elegant colour.


Wherever you go and whatever you do, there is an outfit for you. Now that you know these different dress codes, the next time an event happens, you don't have to worry about it because now you know how to dress. And if in doubt, you can browse through our collection at to help you dress in all circumstances.


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