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A Look for Every Day of the Week

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Those who have never procrastinated wondering, "What the hell am I going to put on?  We throw the first stone! The problem during the week? We often prefer to extend our night by a few sacred minutes, rather than to get up and think about what to wear. As a result, we usually end up dressed in our favourite basics, to the detriment of style and originality. Our advice to always be well dressed. Anticipate and categorize your activities for the week, to concoct appropriate, thoughtful and stylish looks! An outing with the children, a meeting, an after-work ... Defining all these moments will allow you to put an end to the syndrome of dressing room contemplation! Here are some inspirations.

Working meeting on Monday


A work meeting in anticipation? Rather than wasting time on the day, prepare your battle gear in advance. On the menu? A beautiful V-neck embellished dress. Extremely effective and sexy, this dress with an ultra-trendy crimson colour is the perfect piece to combine style, femininity and sobriety. Combined with a brown leather bag, it's the elegant-chic mix guaranteed!

Pick up the children from school on Tuesday


Who says children, says practical and comfortable outfits? Between backpacks, sports, books, and sometimes even groceries ... Needless to say, picking up our children after school is an exercise ... sports! Convenience is the watchword, but there's no question of sacrificing style for your cocooning joggers. Dark blue skinny jeans, a snake print top, all twisted with a brown leather jacket, and here you are adorned with a modern, feminine and cosy look.

Wednesday "off"


A relaxed day to enjoy, recharge your batteries and stroll? Because we all need to breathe, we sometimes allow ourselves a day away from the daily stress. The idea? Adopt a simple, basic look that does not lack originality. A comfortable print jumpsuit, an oversized cardigan and voila!

An after-work with friends on Thursday


Soon the end of the week? What could be better than after-work drinks or dinner with friends to give yourself a taste of the weekend! Exit the fitted suit! We want fresh, style and femininity! Our favourite outfit? Tunic dress, enhanced by a bag and ankle boots, for a flawless chic look!

A romantic dinner on Friday


It's Friday, time for the weekend and the romantic dinner! Our favourite piece? The Gold Satin Dress. Elegant and sensual just the right amount, she alone infuses a look with glamour and sophistication. It supports both pumps, for a femme fatale look. A look to adopt without hesitation!

Enjoy your week! 😘


"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." -- Miuccia Prada



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