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Autumn Winter 2022-2023 Fashion Trends

Fashion Week is not only designers who make their show. It is also the autumn winter 2022-2023 fashion trends that parade. Strong pieces, colours of the season and fashion accessories, find the decryption of winter fashion trends spotted on the podiums.

What is good about Fashion Week at the beginning of the year is that we are preparing for the next autumn-winter fashion trends from spring. The opportunity to anticipate next season's must-haves and to garnish our dressing rooms with all our favourites spotted on the catwalks.

What will be the fashion trends of winter? What stylish pieces will you adopt? What colours and prints?

The winter wardrobe welcomes fashion details that make all the difference. XXL fringes, sequins, oversized cuts: winter looks make things big.

The bomber jacket, which had already attempted a comeback last season, is officially back on the podium and soon in our dressing rooms. And the trench is also there in bold new interpretations.

Another essential of the winter wardrobe is the brown leather pants. Softer than the classic black model, the brown alternative is perfect to accompany large cosy sweaters and winter coats. The mini skirt is also trying to make a place for itself among the new fashion trends of the season.

Another fashion detail that will change the game this season: socks. But not just any. Height ankles or sequins, they slip into sandals with heels and approach each other as an accessory.

Autumn Winter 2022-2023 trendy colours

One thing is certain: this winter will be pop or will not be. This season, if the blue sky is hidden under the greyness, there will always be our clothes to remind us of the colours of spring. But the palette also reveals autumn shades that we love.

Vitamin and pastel colours brighten up the season and impose themselves on accessories or in total look. Pink, yellow and red, already present last season, will get back. Chick yellow on our winter sweaters, fuchsia pink on our dresses and bright red on pantsuits: fans of spicy colours will be delighted.

Hermetics in pop colours will be able to fall back on brown and camel, brighter than grey and less engaged than canary yellow. Winter will also focus on pastel shades with powder pink, nude beige and ecru.

And then there remains the colour "rust", a great classic of autumn and already omnipresent last season. Between saffron and red, this typical fashion shade of the 1970s will be one of the colours to adopt, alongside fir green and purple.

The trendy prints and materials of winter 2023

The tile clings to the pieces of our dressing room and reinvents itself in pink, yellow or blue on pants and mid-season jacket suits. It is also found in fashion accessories such as shoes and handbags.

As every season, you will find the flower print. As popular as the little black dress, the floral pattern is back this season, in a mini version on long dresses, bohemian blouses and midi skirts.

Leather, on the other hand, does not do things halfway and is worn in total look. Signature black colour or softer camel, smooth or aged leather stands out on jumpsuits, trench coats, slim pants but also trendy overshirts. We mix everything and get an all-over leather look.

Autumn Winter 2022-2023 trendy accessories?

Fashion Week fashion shows are also an opportunity to discover the accessories that will accompany us next season and sublimate our winter looks.

In the shoe department, we are not likely to be disappointed. The creators have planned it for all tastes. Heeled sandals, big boots, and white boots, among many others, will be the most popular pairs of the season.

As for bags and pouches, it's time for mini with models that can be worn over the shoulder. On the other side of the spectrum, we also find the XXL bag capable of accommodating all our essentials and more.

For the autumn-winter 2022-2023 season, XXL belts are everywhere and master the oversized cuts of coats, jackets, and sweater dresses.

In the jewellery department, the extra-large is still in the spotlight with rhinestone hanging earrings, accumulated bracelets, and golden chain necklaces.

All you must do is scroll through the flagship looks of Fashion Week's autumn winter 2022-2023 and pick your favourite pieces of the season.


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