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Be Beautiful and Elegant for An Evening

It is often difficult to find a pretty dress, choose the right accessories or take care of your hairstyle and makeup. Here are the unstoppable tips to be beautiful and elegant in the evening.

Make yourself beautiful and elegant: A dress at all costs

The dress is the must for a chic and feminine evening look. It agrees with all circumstances. A lace dress with a bustier cut-out and a draped dress is perfect for a wedding party. A wrap dress, a straight-to-storey dress or a long dress with ruffled pleats accentuates a glamorous but casual style. They can be worn on all occasions, such as a summer evening, an outing with friends, a cocktail evening, or a romantic dinner. Choose bright and vibrant colours such as yellow and red. Otherwise, dark tones such as dark green, midnight blue and black remain sober and of the most beautiful effect.

The accessories

The choice of accessories is important to bring the final, even sophisticated, touch to your evening look:

Pumps or heeled sandals are inseparable from a refined and feminine outfit.
A pretty pouch is as practical as it is chic.
If your dress is short and neckline, put on a scarf to brighten up your look.
A belted tailored jacket adds a glamorous touch to your outfit.
To accompany a classic dress, do not hesitate to accumulate gold or silver coins. They will give it more shine. Choose XXL jewellery, including maxi earrings, a necklace, and bracelets.

Hairdressing and Makeup

The principle is to make a hairstyle in harmony with your evening look. You can bet on a new haircut and do a simple blow-dry. An evening is also an opportunity to get out of the ordinary: curl your hair if it is usually straight, style it in a semi-attached bun if you have long hair and wear it free daily.

You can also opt for extensions if your hair is short or add colour to it by making strands. In short, there are many possibilities. However, avoid prepared buns, strict and tight hairstyles, or well-made curls. Your makeup must be well dosed: eyeliner, glitter, compact powder, and lipstick are essential for bright and glowy make-up.


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