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Beautiful Spring 2022 Coats to Adopt Now!

Because the mid-season temperatures often act up, the coat remains our fashion ally in all circumstances. Perfect for braving the cold, it upgrades the look in no time for looks at the height of chic and style.

It is one of the favourite pieces of our dressing room. Whether at the beginning of autumn, in the middle of winter or on the arrival of fine weather, the coat follows us everywhere! In addition to keeping us safe from the cold, it alone upgrades a whole look.

Once again, this season, the possibilities are truly endless. But some trends stand out very widely. And that's a good thing: our beloved fashion boutiques and e-shops are full of ultra-hot nuggets and batteries at the heart of the latest spring 2022 fashion trends.

Coat trends: spring 2022 novelties

The coat is being reinvented from every angle this spring 2022. While models in wool or even in timeless colours continue to reign supreme, we are also seeing the rise of new ultra-desirable fashion trends.

As always, we can still count on cape shapes, quilted coats for country-style looks or even oversized overcoats for very prominent genderless silhouettes. In a more preppy chic vein, the herringbone coat, recognisable by its oblique stripes will always be popular. In short, as many different coats as there are styles to adopt!

On the colour side, we continue to appropriate with closed eyes the camel coat that all the fashionable girls are already snapping up. We also leave room for models with more powdery shades like fuchsia pink or pale pink, frog green, red, flashy orange, or pastel blue.

Short, straight, long, mid-length, belted or oversized... It's up to you to find the cut of coat that best suits your body type and your stylish look!


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