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Bermuda Shorts: The Summer Trend That Suits Everyone

Now is the season to show off your legs. Short legs, long legs, round thighs, triangular knees, wide hips, all legs deserve to take their dose of the sun! In shorts? No… In Bermuda shorts!

Yes, yes, you read that right. Bermuda shorts are back in the women's wardrobe.

How do you appropriate this iconic piece from the 1980s? How to wear women's Bermuda shorts in summer 2021? Here is your style guide according to each type of morphology.

How to choose women's Bermuda shorts?

As with any room in our wardrobe, the most important thing is to choose the right pair of Bermuda shorts according to our body type.

Is your body wider at the bottom than at the top? Are you tall, short or of average height? All these matter to the length, width, and shape of the ideal Bermuda shorts for you. Right down to the colour, which can balance your figure and enhance your skin tone if chosen well.

Tips for choosing

If you have marked hips and don't want to accentuate them further, prefer Bermuda shorts with pockets on the front rather than on the side. This avoids adding bulk.

To create a visual balance between the lower and upper body (especially if the upper body is longer than the bottom), high waisted, fluid Bermuda shorts will provide a nice vertical line.

If your legs are thinner than the rest of your body, you can create a volume game with faded Bermuda shorts. The pale colour will give a contrast effect which adds volume to your legs.

Want to add a belt? Choose it in a tone that matches your Bermuda shorts to better structure the silhouette. Remember that an idea works best around three colours. Beyond that, adding visual information creates volume and a feeling of excess.

As for shoes, if you find that you have thick ankles or calves, you can opt for heeled mules that slim the lower leg. Avoid strappy sandals that cut through the ankle. Pumps and pointed toes are also great for lengthening the lower body.

How to choose Bermuda shorts according to your morphology

Still, hesitating to embrace this summer trend? Here's who should decide to switch to Bermuda shorts, and the right one!

What Bermuda shorts for a curvy woman

In harmony with your curves, choose a high waist Bermuda short, with a belt in a similar tone to delicately emphasise your curves and style your figure.

If you are looking to reduce the visual volume in the chest area slightly, a V-neckline produces just that effect. Add a pair of comfortable mules, with a slender handbag.

What Bermuda shorts for a petite woman

In fashion, we consider that a body type is rather small below 160cm. If this is your case, choose your fitted Bermuda shorts and avoid oversize or too loose cuts that will visually reduce your size.

Your ideal Bermuda shorts are high waisted and can be worn with a white shirt worn as a casual jacket. This shirt creates a structural vertical line for the silhouette.

Complete your look with a pair of kitten heels or flat sandals if you are looking for comfort above all else.

What Bermuda shorts for an A-shaped morphology

With narrow shoulders and wider hips, you match an A-line or triangle body shape. Your ideal structuring look will therefore rebalance the widths of your silhouette by playing on volumes and colours.

Your ideal Bermuda shorts are plain and, preferably, a little dark in colour to reduce the volume of the lower body and allow your upper to take on all its majesty. At the top, choose an oversized top, balloon sleeves or a set of ruffles or lace that adds volume.


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