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Big Sweater in January!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

While it remains the must-have item for low temperatures, it is more than ever a must-have this season. This winter will be a big “must-have” sweater, or it will not be!

By definition, it is not the most glamorous piece of clothing there is.

While it has long had its vocation of just "practicality", ladies, know that it wants to be ultra-fashionable this winter.

From catwalks to stars, the big sweater also gladly joins our dressing room to help us spend a cocooning and resolutely stylish winter. Something to make us love winter.

How to wear the big sweater

To avoid giving the illusion of having taken a size, it is worn "cool" over jeans with a pair of sneakers or boots, sometimes tucked into a garment, sometimes slipped under overalls for great looks.

We can also mix it with a skirt or a dress to fully play the femininity card and ensure the chicest look to go to the office or to extend the day.

The right models to adopt

Nostalgia when you hold us, we are betting on chunky knitted pieces this winter like mohair, cashmere or alpaca and we curl up in models knitted in the style of our childhood.

By looking well in our wardrobes, we find some, unless you go to a charity shop that will undoubtedly make our happiness at a lower cost.

However, many of our favourite brands have their share of big sweaters in various colours, monochrome, or prints, not to mention this beautiful large jacquard to play this winter without hesitation. All fantasies are allowed!


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