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Black And Navy Blue: How to Combine Them Well?

Long considered a fashion faux pas, the combination of these two colours has become the height of elegance. Learn how to wear these two shades together to always be at the top!

In the 1980s and 1990s, asking the question would have raised controversy, debates, and clear opinions. At the time, daring the marriage of black and navy blue was, at best, audacity, at worst, lack of taste. It was either one or the other, but especially not both together.

But minimalist fashion in Belgian and Japanese designers marked by clean lines, heavy-falling materials, and deep colours, went through it. Thanks to them, we realized that the black + navy duo can fully work, provided they dare and take care of some details.

Tips to mix them with style and elegance

Play on the subjects. A pair of lurex in wool or a few sequins embroidered on a sweater, and now navy blue or black immediately gains in depth and brilliance: enough to intensify this marriage of colours and attenuate, in turn, the effect of false cameo.

Cunning with a belt. Suppose you do not feel comfortable marrying black with only navy blue. In that case, the trick will be to wedge a colourful belt (but not too much either) between the top and bottom of your outfit: it alone will block the black and navy duo.

Bet on the details. Nothing is prettier than a long coat in navy wool cloth, lined with a collar or lapel at the sleeves in faux fur in an intense black that contrasts everything. A simpler option: take out your sailor's coat and wrap your neck in a black maxi scarf. The class is assured!

Cheat with a print. If you have trouble associating two pieces together, the all-found trick is to slip into a printed dress that already mixes these two colours between them. Think black dress with blue polka dots, or striped: a pair of opaque tights and boots in addition, and that's it.

Limit accessories. This is the facility option that works every time. You have the navy-blue shoes to give a little pep to a total black look composed of a dress and a jacket. opt for velvet boots, the rendering will be even more sublime! Same thing with the bag and the hat if you dare too.


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