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Blouses & Shirts: Top Stylish New Arrivals

The new season necessarily rhymes with new trends. And in the blouses and shirt departments of our favourite fashion brands, there will be plenty to enjoy without blowing your wallet.

Must-haves in the dressing room, blouses and shirts are sure to upgrade the look. As well as elevating the look, these wardrobe staples are perfect for tackling cooler mid-season temperatures. Fashion allies in all circumstances, these essentials can be combined with almost all the other pieces in our wardrobe... For resolutely hot looks to be twisted to infinity! Whether with trendy jeans for a casual chic look, combined with a pencil skirt for a desirable office wear silhouette or even mixed with denim shorts for an evening... Blouses and shirts have not said their last word when it comes to trendy silhouettes. All you must do is check out the latest trends, and moreover at low prices!


While the Seventies trend continues to descend on all the fashion pieces in our dressing room, blouses and shirts are no exception to the rule. And this season, the blouse with a large collar straight from the 70s will always be relevant. Mixed with flared jeans, a checked skirt, tie-dye trousers and heels, the preppy chic silhouettes are yours! Because the 70's spirit is more present than ever in all the collections, it will also be necessary to make room for the floral print. And because a retro wind is blowing through our wardrobe, gingham checks are also making their way onto our favourite blouses and shirts. While embroideries, dotted swiss or even denim models are still in the game, there will also be room for leather and satin models.

In terms of fashion, this season also promises to be peppy and colourful. At least, that's what the latest news suggests. Our blouses and shirts gladly take on the colour block trend in bright and vibrant shades, while bubble gum pink will also be part of it. Without forgetting an invasion of green, red, or even yellow. In short, a rich and dazzling palette.

Which blouses for which morphologies?

Finding the hot nugget is good, finding the stylish piece that suits our morphology is even better!

Do you have generous breasts? Avoid locking yourself into smocks and blouses. Prefer slightly low-cut cuts.

Do you have broad shoulders? Skip the puff sleeves and give way to looser and more airy models.

Who says small chest necessarily says maxi neckline, so we do not hesitate to adopt blouses and shirts that flatter the silhouette nicely?

Do you have the marked size? Dare to wear close-fitting models or wrap-around blouses that mark the waist.

One thing is certain, this season there will be enough to find the nugget at low prices to be on top of the fashion trends.

To help you make your choice, discover our selection of great blouses and shirts.
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