Business Casual Style Looks

Business casual is a bit of a representation of our time. It is a company with practical thoughts. Do you see the mentality we are talking about? The one who allows herself to go to work without wearing a suit and tie every day. This mentality that being professional is, above all, an attitude. We forget the formal and tight look. Make way for stylish professionalism.

What makes a Business Casual style?

Remember those Fridays in large companies with compulsory ties? Employees have the right to come in relaxed attire. Shorts, sandals, and a Hawaiian shirt made their debut in the office like that… To the point of becoming a stylish corporate brand.

That start-up vibe has become widespread today, and you are rarely expected to always be dressed up to the nines all week.

It is a functional style. You must be comfortable going to work!

It is a flexible style. It adapts to different times of your day.

You can project your personality there, your professional me.

How to create a successful business casual look?

The accessories:

Start-up atmosphere above all: forget the heels, take out the sneakers. A less formal, more creative look goes through the feet.

If, however, you want to bring seriousness to your outfit, opt for moccasins or original ankle boots.

A little fantasy:

Dare to slip original pieces into your outfits. A blouse with a very marked print, games of transparency on the sleeves, or even a well-assumed monochrome look.


Aim for loose clothing, some elasticity to be comfortable in your office postures.

Absolutely avoid straight, stiff pants, avoid high waists if you must sit all day and it squeezes you.

When it comes to shoes, avoid heels if you know you're going to be standing.

The right choice of materials:

Choose fabrics that can adapt to changes in your day.

Avoid materials that crease easily.

Prefer airy fabrics, which let your skin breathe.

Dress in layers so you can lighten up.

Your absolute basics: