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Can We Dare the Miniskirt After 50 Years?

Is there an age when you must resolve to stop showing your legs? Or should we rather obey certain codes so as not to fall into vulgarity after 50 years?

A social phenomenon

More than a garment, the miniskirt is a social phenomenon that came from England in the early 1960s. This garment, which became a symbol of freedom, divided the whole of society. Women now assume their bodies and show their legs with some pride. Years of carelessness see hordes of young women happy with this acquired freedom.

It is, therefore, not a question of avoiding it but of wearing it by certain rules. All women can wear a trendy miniskirt, there is no age limit of course!

Today, the offer of skirts is plentiful in your favourite brands, and everyone can certainly find the right miniskirt that combines comfort and elegance. Finding the right model is the assurance of feeling feminine and good in your body without any vulgarity.

Depending on its morphology

With age, legs are less firm and less tonic, some may be reluctant to show them. But know that if the upper body tends to thicken, the legs often remain slender and just want to show themselves. For women who have strong thighs and calves, opt for the mini a little below the mid-thighs because the skirt will tend to go up.

How to wear it?

We prefer to accessorise it with flat sandals or even light wedges. Above all, do not try to perch yourself on heels that are too high which could make the outfit vulgar. Add a small, not too sexy top: no plunging neckline, but a bohemian blouse or a more classic shirt, which will be good options.

At the beach, feel free to show your tanned legs with a t-shirt or polo and mules or canvas sneakers. Also, think of the denim version, always modern.

Well accessorised, it is never vulgar. If you are more reluctant to wear it, wait until autumn: you can wear it with a big warm or coloured turtleneck sweater, opaque tights, and high flat boots for a very chic look.


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