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Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Your Skirt

The skirt is a real essential in a woman's wardrobe. It easily matches all the clothes in our wardrobe, offering completely different styles depending on the selected piece. Between the cargo skirt, the suit, the pleated, the ball, the fluid, the satin or even the leather one... There is something for everyone! It gives a glamorous look when paired with a lace camisole, or workwear with a slightly oversized striped shirt. In short, the long, short or midi skirt gives free rein to your imagination. It emerges as the versatile piece to have in your wardrobe capsule.
Long Boots, ankle boots, sneakers with the long skirt
To wear your long summer skirts, there are plenty of possibilities available to you in terms of shoes. Open sandals with Velcro, flip-flops, small sandals with straps, and all kitten heels work very well with the long skirt because they bring a little height and comfort. For a casual look during the day, opt for sneakers or fisherman sandals that go wonderfully with the long skirt. For those who want more fun and originality, we recommend classic boots with pointed toes that go wonderfully with long flowing skirts.
And when it's cold, it's better to choose more covering shoes to be protected from the cold. We advise, again, to opt for cowboy boots or Chelsea boots, they're also stylish. Here we ensure they're high enough otherwise it's not very pretty.
What shoes to wear with a short skirt?
Easy to adopt as soon as the sun comes out, the short skirt goes wonderfully with sneakers. This combo that fashionistas are crazy about this season is ideal with the ball skirt or the denim skirt, which are ultra-trendy this season. Also, cowboy boots will be perfect with short skirts bringing character to the outfit.
In winter, the stylist recommends wearing short wool skirts with high boots just above the knee and semi-opaque tights. The latter should be slightly shorter than thigh-high boots. And, for those who want to adopt the miniskirt trend for an evening, the fashion expert recommends heeled sandals with laces.  The latter brings femininity and glamour to the entire outfit. It's divine!
What shoes to wear with a mid-length skirt or midi skirt?
Synonymous with class and elegance, the midi skirt is a capsule wardrobe essential. Although it is easy to wear in summer and winter, it is not always easy to find the right shoes to wear with it. For a workwear version with a mid-length tailored skirt when it's hot, the fashion expert advises choosing a model of pointed pumps. The result is sophisticated and elegant, perfect for an office look. Also, with the midi skirt you can wear sandals with a big strap. 
For an outfit at the forefront of style and daytime trends, the stylist loves the combination of the midi skirt with open-back moccasins. We love this look at the height of elegance!
Paired with a chunky knit sweater, the midi skirt is worn with pretty high boots when it's cold, which comes just below the skirt, so you don't see the skin. For a glamorous look or an evening with friends, choose pointy pumps with a pair of tights, it's sublime!


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