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Colourful Long Dresses for 2022 to Adopt Now

This is enough to warm up all our winter looks with dresses in the season's trendy colours. From green to purple or even yellow or pink, discover our chic and flashy selection for looks that look great in all circumstances.

The long dress has not finished making us crack. Feminine and easy to adopt, it is now an integral part of our wardrobe basics. While the little black dress always has everything it needs to look great during the day and after dark, the flashy all-colour models in monochrome or print are unparalleled for boosting the silhouette in the blink of an eye.

This season more than ever, we are falling for colourful models that are gradually pointing the tip of their noses at the heart of the new spring-summer 2022 fashion trends. Will you be more purple, green, yellow, or orange? Discover without delay the novelties of the moment to adopt without hesitation.

What's new in the dresses section? How beautiful. And it's not because it's winter that we must forbid ourselves some flashy fantasies. Quite the contrary. Exit the dark silhouettes and make way for a boosted look of shades of all kinds. We will then bet on the star colours of the moment like the trendy green but also purple or mauve to echo the Very Peri, Pantone colour of the year 2022.
We'll also love the tangy yellow, pink, or even orange for an outfit full of pep.

How to wear a colourful long dress in winter?

Between knitted or voile pieces, oversized or more fitted cuts, this season there is still enough to find the perfect dress according to its morphology. In very cold weather, we won't hesitate to mix it up with a pair of tights for optimal comfort and take out trendy ankle boots and long boots to complete the whole thing. For a more casual or sporty look, we have chunky boots or trendy sneakers.

All that's missing is a nice overcoat to warm it all up and you're done; there too there will be plenty of choices: quilted coat or even the long coat. The down jacket will also remain a great option without forgetting the pretty oversized blazer that capsizes the hearts of the most seasoned fashionistas.


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