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Comfortable Shoes: Which Models to Choose?

Derbies, ballerinas, boots, sneakers, barefoot or moccasins: flat models hold the top of the pavement to adapt to each of our looks.

There are not only heels in life. Fortunately! When you struggle to take three steps on the floor of a pair of pumps or when you simply prefer to favour comfort above all, the only possible alternation is to multiply flat shoes. Just to always relate to your clothes!

The best mix and matches:

Ballerinas + mid-length skirt: for a retro and vintage look. We assume the Brigitte Bardot and little rat side of the Ballet Opera by associating them with a twirling midi skirt. It is the assurance of a wild sixties silhouette. It also works with three-hole dresses, baby-doll dresses as well as all neo-ballerinas - starting with slippers.

Boots + pencil skirt: for a sexy look. We choose a pair of rock'n'roll boots to break the "businesswoman" side of the skirt. If your boots are black, opt for a pair set with nails or straps... Also, try leopard print models or crocodile-style leather models. With a nice leather bag.

White sneaker + jeans: for a cool look. This is the "zero headaches" mode option when you wake up in the morning in a "chafouine" mood by looking at your wardrobe with a twisted eye! We love their assumed teenager side!

Derbies and chino + pants for a masculine-feminine look. We steal these two must-haves in the men's locker room and feminise the whole by avoiding black derbies and rolling the legs of your pants to reveal your skin texture if you're in summer... or to let a pair of fancy socks appear as soon as temperatures fall!

Sandals + beach dresses: for a 100% holiday look. No matter the length of the dress, the important thing with sandals is to take care of your feet: it's up to your moisturisers, manicures, and self-tanners! The association also works with long tunics and shorts for an even more bohemian look. And as it's summer, let go of the black, and favour colourful sandals, models with fringes, pompoms, multi-coloured straps, etc.

The top 5 flat shoes to always have in your wardrobe:

Black ballerinas: it's the equivalent of the little black dress dear to Coco Chanel: a great timeless classic, which absolutely matches everything!

Greek sandal-style barefoot: camel colour, they will adapt to all your summer outfits and skate over time.

Boots: Bikers or santiags with low uppers, they have the advantage of being able to wear as easily with jeans as with a fluid dress, summer, and winter!

Fun derbies: colourful, glittery, two-tone, openwork, it's up to you to choose your favourite fantasy to bring femininity to this model stitched to men.

Espadrilles: if you choose them made according to the rules of the art, with patterns or in a sunny colour, it is the "zero headaches" pair that follows you all summer.


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