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Denim on Point: Stay Fashion-Forward with These Trending Pieces

Ultra-popular in the 90s and 2000s, denim has been back in our wardrobes for a few seasons. We only wear it in pants; jeans are now invited to the dress, top, skirt department, and accessories! Here are the trendiest denim pieces in 2023 and our outfit ideas to wear them in style.

In 2023, retro is trendier than ever. From the podiums to the street, we review the IT pieces that marked the 90s and 2000s. The revival of these crazy decades that have offered us the best and the worst of fashion continues to prevail in the fashion sphere. Every season, style proves to us that it is an eternal beginning: the basics of the wardrobe of yesteryear become it-pieces again twenty years later. Denim is among the flagship materials worn without moderation during this period. The favourite shape was pants, everyone had jeans. First, it was worn very high and wide waist before it gave way to the low and tight waist models emblematic of the looks of fashionistas of the early 2000s.

Today, brands have reappropriated denim to put it back on the front of the fashion scene. Like every piece with a golden age, it must be breathed in with modernity to become an IT piece again. During previous Fashion Week, designers took hold of jeans and invented them from every angle. As a result, this material is no longer only worn in pants. Still, it has been exported to the other shelves of the women's wardrobe. Today, the dress, skirts, and even denim handbags are basics of the wardrobe that we no longer want to do without and rightly so, because this material has been left to settle permanently at the top of fashion trends!

Jeans for Every Occasion: How to Rock Denim Pants This Season

150 years after its creation by Levi Strauss, denim has never been so in tune with the times. Essential from the dressing room, it is worn on any occasion, day and night. Like every it-piece, its shape changes according to the desires of those who create fashion trends. Depending on the season, some jeans cuts are more in vogue than others. Practical, trendy, and even elegant, we put on jeans to go to work and the restaurant.
If, for a few seasons, the retro style has been invited to our wardrobes, this is still the case in 2023 because vintage is chic! As a result of this wave of clothes of yesteryear that is sweeping the fashion sphere, jeans are worn wide or even very wide. We will therefore favour straight, flare and very oversized models. Be careful; the pants are also coming back, so remember the 7/8th cuts, ideal for spring!

Like the fashionistas of the time, we choose our high-waisted jeans! It flatters the silhouette and is, above all, terribly trendy. As for the colour, denim blue will be a safe bet to be addressed, but why not succumb to straight grey jeans? This colour has made a smashing entry on the podiums, and all seasoned fashionistas have already taken it!

The Versatility of Denim: Trending Pieces Beyond Skirts and Pants

In 2023, we see life in denim. It is one of the flagship materials of the season, and the more there are, the trendier we will be! The total denim look is the best thing to be at the top of fashion trends. That's why we will choose pretty denim dresses for our spring dressing room without hesitation. Long or short, it depends, the important thing is that it is in denim blue! And if you want to be at the forefront, you will invest in a long strapless dress. The bustier is the ultimate fad that has been stirring the fashion world for a few weeks! Opt for a denim suit set for those who are not a fan of dresses or are fond of office wear looks. Innovative and ultra-trendy, there is little chance of making a mistake with this coordinated set. The denim jumpsuit will also be a must-have in the coming seasons, so do not hesitate to invest in all these beautiful pieces before they are victims of their success in a few weeks.

Notice to fashionistas who wish to succumb to the denim trend sparingly, opt for a vital piece-by-look! This season, the long denim skirt is also the best in the denim department. Widely adopted by fashionistas, it flatters all silhouettes while offering a throwaway look. The denim jacket is the must-have mid-season overcoat; we wear it short this year with large pockets. It is the basic that will punctuate all your spring outfits with style. Also, be tempted by denim tops such as the classic but ultra-trendy shirt or the bustier for a 2000 look at the forefront of 2023 trends!

Denim Dilemma: Deciding on the Perfect Shoes and Tops to Wear with Your Jeans
What we like about jeans is that they are a material that easily matches other pieces. You can wear any top with cargo or wide jeans. But to maximize the fashion quotient of this outfit this season, we will not hesitate to associate them with a t-shirt. And while waiting for the sunny days to return, we will put on a beautiful bomber; this 60s jacket is also making its big comeback. Plain or message, it doesn't matter because, in the spring of 2023, we give back its letters of nobility to this often-forgotten wardrobe basic.

On the shoe side, there are two fashion schools: either you play the 100% streetwear card and opt for a pair of ultra-trendy sneakers, or you get high. For those who will choose the second option, put on slingbacks; these are the most fashionable shoes—so, convinced by the denim trend?


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