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Denim Skirt: Top of The Trendiest Novelties to Adopt Immediately

Mini, midi or maxi, the denim skirt combines all our desires of the moment. The superstar of the season is here! And the good news of 2022 is that there is something for everyone.

Bye-bye to the pleated skirt that was a hit all winter. The new star skirt of the season is the denim skirt and nothing else. Certainly, the case is not new. But let's say that this season, gives us the choice between long and short, raw, and bleached, grey, and blue, plain and patchwork. In short, the denim skirt is multiple... And catch our eye. So, if we let go of our low-rise jeans, flares, bootcuts and slouchy a little to reconnect with the cowgirl and so cool style of the denim skirt?

Which model should I choose for my morphology?

Faced with the avalanche of denim skirts in the new collections, finding the right model capable of sublimating your silhouette is almost child's play!

And the good news is that the midi cup (in other words, the one that is sweeping in the shops right now) is certainly the easiest cut to wear - whether you are round or filiform. When you show some curves in the hips and thighs, nothing better than a raw denim pencil skirt that falls at the knees and envelops all this, neither seen nor known. Conversely, when you misunderstand your little 34, the midi skirt with its split version in front is the one that will give a trendy twist to your look while masking your complex. Especially since this slimming that can cause you a problem is an asset: you are one of the few who can dare all types of canvases, used, snow, bleach, coloured ones that tend to "enlarge" the silhouette!

The case of the mini denim skirt is already more delicate: when you are lucky enough to have long legs, it is perfect. When you are small and thin too because, visually, the mini rebalances the silhouette. On the other hand, if your thighs are a little too thick, avoid the mini length and, even if it means wearing shorts, prefer a paper bag cut that stops just above the knees.

Otherwise, more puzzle, there is finally the case of the extra-long skirt. With it, be careful: if you don't want to look too packed, take care to slender your silhouette by perching on a pair of heels that will save you a few precious centimetres! A model to be reserved for twigs and very, very large preferably.

What to wear to be at the top of 2022 trends?

For a "cool kid" side: to you the miniskirts and their adolescent versions when the canvas is adorned with pastel colours. To go with it, nothing better than the simplicity of a sweatshirt or t-shirt. At the feet, a pair of sneakers or chunky boots that will give a little rock extra and it's all good.

For a trendy side: it's the midi skirt you need, and nothing else. We like it in a blue denim or grey denim version, and we love it when it comes with an extra slit. To go with, you, vaporous blouses, balloon-sleeved or sleeveless sweaters.

For a glamorous side: nothing can compete with the charm of a buttoned skirt. Short or long, close to the body or flared, the buttoned skirt (to be worn slightly unbuttoned) feminises jeans. Afterwards, you are free to feminise your look even more by adding golden jewellery and a shoulder bag or play it minimalist with a simple white T-shirt!


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