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Discover an Essential Basic: The White Blouse

Do you think the white blouse is so classic that it can't be useful in your style? You don't understand why this timeless piece is so essential to your wardrobe? Think the white blouse is too classic? Think there isn't 50 ways to wear it? Believe us whatever your beliefs on this essential piece of the female wardrobe, reading this article two solutions will present themselves to you: Either you want to buy a white blouse because you never wear one and this piece does not stay in your wardrobe or you will take out one of your pieces to wear it a little more.

The white blouse has incredible fashion potential!

It's a fact, the white blouse is a true classic. It’s an essential staple in your wardrobe. The minute you find one that suits you, it becomes your best friend. And usually, your dress style quickly depends on it. But like all the pieces we love, we end up wearing them the same way. Most women who have adopted the white blouse as a staple of their dress style usually wear it to work. Still, when it comes to style, the white blouse has huge potential. Remember, for example, Marilyn Monroe (in the 1961 film The Misfits) with her white shirt and raw blue jeans. Do you see the look incredibly seductive and remarkable? When you wear your white shirt, this is the impression you must have of yourself.

To enlighten you a little more on the glamorous power of the white blouse or the white shirt, we invite you to discover three essential styles of blouses and gives you some tips for wearing them. Do not hesitate to follow these links to discover the 3 styles of white blouses: The classic white blouse, the white oversized poplin blouse and the wrap blouse.


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