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Discover The Duo of Colours That Will Be All the Rage This Spring 2023

When predicting colour trends for a specific season, experts often look to fashion runways, where designers showcase their latest collections. These collections can give insight into the colours and colour combinations that will be popular in the upcoming season.
It's important to remember that trends are just that - trends. While they can be a fun way to stay current and incorporate new styles into your wardrobe or decor, they don't necessarily reflect everyone's tastes or preferences. It's always important to wear or decorate with colours that make you feel comfortable and confident.
We opt for the new spring-summer colours to stay stylish when the sunny days arrive. Exit the garish nuances and welcome to the straightforward duets.
Beige is one of the trendiest tones of the season. On the other hand, immaculate white is always a wise choice when sunny days arrive because it brings out the tanned complexion. These two shades can be worn in a total look, but the most reasonable this season is to combine them for a 100% winning white and beige duo. Seen during the parades on the catwalks of Balmain, Tod's or Max Mara, this duo of colours wants to be ultrachic on all the pieces of the dressing room and arrives in your favourite shops. It's up to you to make the right choices.

Beige and white duo: for whom?
Like every spring, these soft colours are available on all parts: small tops, vaporous dresses, skirts, light pants, jeans, overcoats, blazers...
These are suitable not only for all morphologies but also for all skin or hair shades. The tanned or paler complexion, blonde, grey, or brown hair... These shades are made for you.

How to wear the beige and white duo?
To start, head to the beige pantsuit. Wear it with a small white tank top underneath. Bright, timeless, and easy to wear, white highlights the complexion while preserving heat. You can play with its different variations, from cream to eggshell, through light beige and ivory. If you opt for a new seater, innovate by untigging jacket and pants, at the top a white blazer and at the bottom cream pants. For a more urban look, fall back on white ankle-length jeans or well-cut canvas pants that you will wear with a small ivory sweater at the beginning of the season. A beige midi skirt is also a good option, accompanied by a white sweatshirt that you will warm up with a small, short spring jacket for a perfect office look.
Always with the idea of staying chic in all circumstances, the beige pants jumpsuit is a good option. Choose it in a fluid material for its light side or in linen for its breathable virtues, and warm it up with a white cardigan at the beginning of the season. In the evening, a fluid ivory dress surmounted by an immaculate kimono coat will perfect this outfit.
Another option is the white shirt with ruffles, a lovely neckline or lace that will blend perfectly with beautiful ultrachic cream straight pants.

Which accessories to choose?
To harmonize your beige and white duets, add a feline, gold, or gold leather touch to your looks. This will tone up your outfits in a wink, like pretty babies with gold-coloured heels, chocolate mules, brown velvet calfskin boots or sneakers with leopard touches. On the bag side, a gold leather bag, or a leopard XXL bag, big winners of this spring, will upgrade your outfits. A gold leather belt will make the perfect junction between your white shirt and your cream pants. A beige scarf with a melted or leopard print in brown or gold tones will give your plain white blouse a little fantasy. Finally, golden jewellery such as hoop earrings or wide and graphic rings will bring a nice touch of romance; think about it!
Some classic colour duos have stood the test of time and are always in style, such as black and white, navy, and white, and grey and white. These combinations are versatile and sophisticated and can easily incorporate into various outfits or decor styles.
In addition, famous colour duos have emerged in recent years, such as blush pink and gold, emerald green and navy blue, and coral and turquoise. These combinations can add a playful or bold element to your outfits or decor and can be particularly popular in certain seasons or for specific occasions.
Ultimately, the choice of the colour duo will depend on your personal preferences and the specific look or mood you are trying to achieve.


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