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Discover THE Fashion Trend That We Will See Everywhere In 2023

Before the transition to the new year, the Pinterest search engine unveiled its annual Pinterest Predicts report, showing the trends that it believes will mark the year 2023. One stands out and risks overwhelming the shelves of our favourite shops. Discover THE trend that will be all the rage this year.

A wind from the Wild West will blow (again) on the fashion trends of this year 2023! Since the beginning of the year, the clothes of our ancestors the cowboys have been popular, and it is not ready to stop in 2023 according to the Pinterest Predicts annual report. Each year, the search engine analyses its users' searches to pin the trends that will mark the next four seasons. According to the platform, this report offers "a complete overview of what should emerge or continue to gain ground in 2023, with great accuracy". Don't get me wrong, it's not a retrospective of what made people talk this year.

A report not to be neglected since still according to Pinterest, "in 2022, 80% of the trends revealed in the Pinterest Predicts report continued to increase throughout the year", just that! And this year, it seems that a particular motif is likely to make a very noticeable return in the fashion sphere... The decryption of what will mark the year 2023!

What will be the biggest fashion trend in 2023?
As the year 2022 has ended and takes with it some trends, others are preparing to hit the world of fashion. According to the estimates of the Pinterest Predicts report, to be at the top in 2023, you will have to wear fringes! Dress, jacket, skirt, pants, and even wedding dress, we will see life in fringes. Forgotten for a few seasons, they will be reborn in the coming months to ting all our outfits.

A boon for lovers of the bohemian-chic style, perhaps a disappointment for those who are a little less so, but rest assured, there will be something for everyone. Notice to sceptical fashionistas who want to stay at the forefront, it is possible to wear fringes in small touches. A few fringes on a blazer jacket or handbag will not harm your style, on the contrary, they will add originality! And for the most daring, we can dare the wide fringes. Several ready-to-wear brands have smelled the imminent arrival of this trend and have already slipped some fringed pieces into their autumn-winter 2022-2023 collections. As trendy as it can be, too many fringes, kills the fringe.

Whether you are trendy Western-inspired look or not, fringes are not to be worn in any way. Depending on the fringed piece we choose, it will or will not become the flagship piece of our outfits. A dress decorated with fringes is a garment with a very strong fashion quotient that is self-sufficient so there is no need to do too much. We will opt for simple accessories that will elegantly punctuate the look. The same thing if you choose to wear a fringed skirt, you will turn for a sober top like a shirt, a t-shirt or a warm sweater that will dedramatize the silhouette. You can also invest in a fringed coat that will stylishly complement all outfits. If no trend scares you, why not dare the total fringe look? By opting for a fringed pantsuit, it promises a stylish evening look without effort! On the shoe side, you can play the game to the fullest by wearing santiags or by betting on a nice pair of pumps or sneakers. So, ready to adopt fringes to be ultra-trendy this year 2023?


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