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Every Woman Needs a Fashionable Backpack to go to Work While Being Stylish...

If handbags have always been the benchmark for women, now the trend is back to backpacks. Practical, comfortable, and pretty at the same time, these bags simply meet the needs of more and more active women. There is no longer any question of limiting your things, a women's backpack can hold a lot more volume, and at the same time, the weight is no longer felt thanks to the shoulder straps.

So, what more could you ask for, especially since the models on the market are simply fashionable? The only concern is to choose from a whole range of fits, fabrics and brands. If you need references, check out our comprehensive guide.

A laptop in one hand, an agenda in the other, a handbag for the keys, a paper bag for lunch: you are well loaded and cluttered to get to work! The best solution? opt for a backpack! Your health will thank you. Stylish or sporty, there is one that suits you.


Remote working is strongly recommended, but companies are seeing their employees gradually returning one or two days a week, or even full time for a few companies. The chance to bring out your backpack or find that rare gem if you don't have one yet, because there is nothing more practical!


Why a backpack?

For your health, the backpack is the best alternative to carry your belongings: a laptop, purse, diary, notebook, make-up, emergency pharmacy ...


For better posture

Choosing a backpack for your travels is the smartest solution from an ergonomic point of view. It prevents the imbalance of the body, very present when carrying a handbag or - on a smaller scale - a shoulder bag. This imbalance can also affect walking.


To avoid physical pain

Unknowingly, when you carry a handbag over your shoulder, especially if the bag is heavy, you are slightly shrugging your shoulder, causing your spine to misalign. Result? You can suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain. Worse yet, a herniated disc can form. The latter appears when the soft disc, located between the vertebrae of the spine, protrudes beyond the vertebrae. These soft discs, which act as a shock absorber between the vertebrae, are then much less effective. If you want to wear a handbag or shoulder bag from time to time, be sure to change your shoulder often, sort through your things so that it is not too heavy and strengthen the central part of your body: abs and back.

How did the backpack become a trendy piece?

Does the backpack remind you of your school years? We understand you. But in recent seasons, the backpack has increased its fashion credibility. To adopt it, just copy the look of fashion influencers. We explain everything you need to know about the trendy backpack.

We know what you're going to say. No, the backpack is not just for classrooms and hiking.


Little by little, it has managed to establish itself as a true fashion piece. A stylish accessory that fashion influencers are snapping upon.


We explain how the backpack has become stylish and why you should adopt it.


What is a trendy backpack?

Forget your old Eats pack backpack. If it was your best ally during your high school years, it won't be the fashion detail of your outfit.


On the other hand, there are many models of the bag, to carry on your back or casually on your shoulder.


The leather backpack, whether black, camel, pink or blue, fully assumes its chic side. The leather breaks the sometimes-childish look of the backpack and adds credibility to your outfit.


In cotton canvas or denim, it is adorned with prints, patches or rhinestones and sequins. Embroidery is also featured on backpacks and decorates the trendy accessory with colourful designs.


Backpacks don’t have to be boring – they can be anything but!


You can also buy a simple backpack and customize it yourself.


We promise you; the backpack can be worn with almost everything.


“Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”


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