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Excuses Not to be a Stylish Woman, Demystified

You like to see the fashion shows or look longingly at the most beautiful models on the catwalks every season. However, when it comes to imagining what it might do for you, you give in. You can create your own style, but you must overcome your shyness, your laziness, your lack of creativity or inspiration. The summer holidays are here. Use this opportunity to rest while imagining what your style might be like.

Only the rich can dress in style?

The fashion shows are indeed the work of great couturiers, and the models presented are aimed at a wealthy clientele. Your budget does not allow you to purchase the model on display? Rest assured, ready-to-wear brands will take inspiration from it and offer similar outfits that will be more accessible to

you. Your style doesn’t just depend on the price you pay, it's important that the garment flatters your figure and instantly gives you a feeling of elegance. To build a functional wardrobe, remember that the best investments come with quality clothing and timeless styles. In addition, if you take great care in their maintenance, you will extend their longevity.

At work, only classic clothing is allowed?

Your co-workers do not pay much attention to their outfits and show little originality. That does not stop you from encouraging them to appear more elegant with timeless outfits. Black suits, white blouses and moccasins are

always good allies to appear elegant. If your clothes are well adjusted, worn with class, you will find that your colleagues will not be indifferent to your look. Notice if your colleagues are slowly copying your style. If so, show up with less strict clothing when it comes to fit or material. Pair a casual jacket with a dress or skirt while showing off a professional look. A pair of tights will strengthen your femininity.

My look does not matter at work?

You work in a very relaxed atmosphere with your colleagues and Friday is even cooler. Either way, it's the end of the week. However, you should not neglect your appearance. Your outfit shouldn't look like a costume or make

you look like a teenager. Your frayed jeans were fine for the weekend outing, but not for your business. Choose a model of your choice but classic that you will associate with an original top in its print or in its cut. Accessorise your casual outfit with a pair of crisp, clean lounge shoes. Fancy jewellery and you'll feel like you're on holiday.

I have to lose weight before I change my style?

Advertisements, magazines show me outfits that are way too expensive for me. How can I improve my style? In addition, models have a height that sometimes seems improbable. Do not bemoan your fate. Most women are

like you and manage to dress regardless. Only one rule should guide you, what you wear should flatter your body shape and your elegance. The one you need to give your full attention to is you. Show your confidence and present yourself with what makes you stand out in all circumstances.

Even if the fit doesn't suit me, the clothes aren't expensive?

The windows display models that are either up to date or those that need to go quickly. Discounts can encourage you to spend your money. Be careful, however, not to be tempted by a cut that is not suitable for your body. It

would be a shame to go home and tell yourself that you haven't made the right choice. Only you can know if this is the right garment or fit for your tastes or the use you intend for this new piece. Even though it's trendy and every woman is wearing this new fashion, you need to take a step back. Ask yourself under what circumstances, with what accessories you will wear this article.

Fashion trends are only great for tall women?

The morphology of women does not include only one category: those who are 5ft 8 inches tall and dress in a size 6. In reality, these women represent

only a small percentage of the population. Trends come and go. Don't be fooled. Moreover, among these novelties, some models are made for you. Whether you are tall, petite, slim or with a few generous shapes, some outfits will flatter you and start your day in a good mood.


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