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Fall in Love with A long Dress This Summer 2022!

This summer again, we say yes more than ever to silhouettes with maximum length, fluid, and light. Head for the most beautiful long dresses that will follow you everywhere this season!

Ah, summer and its pretty outfits that are all light and smell good of the sun. With rising temperatures, it's time to draw the prettiest ultra-chic long dresses that are easy to wear on any occasion. And the good news is that there is something for all morphologies, but also for all tastes. Close to the body or more oversized, classic, colourful or with the trendiest patterns, an overview of the latest nuggets to adopt to look beautiful in all circumstances.

Whether it is to go to work, for a sunny getaway or to go out, the long dress has more than one trick in its bag to sublimate in any situation.

On the look side, we will bet on models with short or even sleeveless sleeves, especially in times of high heat. While favouring soft and light (and ideally natural) materials such as cotton, linen, or silk.
You are free to find the perfect dress cut for your morphology but know that the shirt dress, always very prominent, will be perfect for all silhouettes. Crunchy with a belt to refine the waist, it remains a wonderful option in terms of style.

Very pleasant also to wear, the wrap dress that promises a nice neckline and a most feminine look.
On the palette side, we have pretty summer star colours with yellow, pink, and green in all their variations or passion red, not to mention pastel shades. With small flowers, dots, stripes (vertical to refine) and why not a beautiful tie & dye print always relevant.

Some great details will also pimp the pretty novelties such as the square neckline, puffy sleeves or charming smocks that bring style and originality to the whole.
Pieces that you can match with the greatest ease with your prettiest heeled or wedge sandals, mules, nice flip-flops, and even trendy sneakers for a casual chic look that has everything good.

Which long dress for my morphology?

Close to the body or wider, the long dress offers endless possibilities to sublimate all the beauties of the season.

Long silhouettes will be advised to opt for models with ruffles, gathers or other fantasies to bring a little more volume to the whole.

The smallest "templates" will bet on a straight cut to avoid compacting the silhouette with a model that would be too wide and vaporous.

The little extra tip: clear the shoulders as much as possible with a bustier if the weather permits.

Finally, if you have more generous shapes, well-chosen, the long dress will also be perfect for some curves with style and femininity. So, tighten at the waist to sublimate its shapes and choose it with slightly less pronounced patterns to avoid any additional volume effect. Choose slightly more drooping short sleeves to thin straps if you judge your arms around or are too chubby.

Once again, we apply the famous less is more with this strong centrepiece of our look, especially if it is printed: no need to overload too much, it is already doing the job on its own!

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