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Fashion @ 50 plus: Wear the Leopard Printed Coat of The Season

This animal print is taking over this winter! How to wear this trend to warm up your looks with style? We tell you everything.

Introduced by Christian Dior during his very first show at the dawn of the 1950s, the leopard print has become over the years a leitmotif of the fashion house. Reinterpreted and diverted according to the seasons and brands, the leopard print has won the street and our favourite ready-to-wear brands. This divisive pattern, often perceived as too sophisticated or sexy (or even vulgar), has nevertheless settled permanently in our wardrobes. Zoom on the leopard coat of the season, which will delight fashion animals as well as women with a more classic look.

Leopard coat: which shape to choose?

First, the leopard coat must be of good quality to look good. So, avoid synthetic and cheap materials. The coat is a long-term investment, set your sights on a bathrobe cutter, a great classic of the genre that suits all morphologies. Another option is the oversized version, which curls up when temperatures drop. We like this wide cut that gives style. The straight and belted model is perfect for the smallest sizes: it refines the size with elegance and structures the silhouette. Also, think of short or midi cuts, always trendy, like the caban, the three-quarter jacket or the loose coat. Finally, the new long quilted jacket and the three-quarter faux fur coat are also trying a noticeable breakthrough this season.

Wear your leopard coat well

For a classic look, choose a straight leopard coat. Combine it with a cotton poplin shirt or a turtleneck sweater. And wear it with straight and short black pants, which will highlight your ankles and pretty pumps.
For a more casual outfit, opt for a coat with a wider shape or the quilted version that you will wear with a coloured sweater or a message sweatshirt. With jeans and flat sneakers or moccasins, you will be perfect! Finally, ideal for going out in the evening, the pants combination or the black dress will go perfectly with your animal pattern coat. Add a pair of pumps or chic sandals and you will have a modern and sophisticated look at the same time.

Accessorising your leopard coat

Accentuate your femininity and sublimate your waist by shearing your coat. This will soften your figure while giving it a crazy look! You are spoilt for choice: choose it wide, double turn, ultrafine... On the material side, leather is always a good purchase but also think of the bi-material or braided cotton model for a more bohemian style.


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