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Fashion Colours and Seasons

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Can I wear white in the winter? What about grey in the summer? These are questions that I regularly hear. So, let's debunk all these myths!

Although the climate in the UK is changeable and sometimes even unstable, it is possible to have a versatile wardrobe and be able to have clothes that can suit several seasons.

Rule number one: YES, you can wear any colour in any season. It is the fabric or fibre of the garment that will determine the season to wear it.

For example, there is no problem wearing a white woollen coat in winter because of the wool fibre. It's the same principle for black linen pants since linen is a summer fibre. It would be inappropriate to wear these same pants in the autumn or winter, even if they are black.

Obviously, the colour combinations influence the choice of the season. Soft colour schemes, for example, a lilac cotton elastane blouse, worn with white jeans will be perfect for spring/summer. In an autumn/winter version, the white jeans will be worn inside a suede boot and paired with a dark blouse and a woollen shawl cardigan, accessorised with a woollen scarf. As for the lilac blouse, it will be perfect with dark grey, brown or black pants.

The sleeve length of a sweater or blouse is not a factor in determining the season of the garment. Of course, you still have to be logical! A tank top worn alone in the middle of January can probably earn you some comments from your co-workers! We wear the short or three-quarter sleeve layered in autumn and winter and the look is very current and modern.

When do we make the change of season in our wardrobe?

We start to take out our spring clothes when the time for winter boots is over, ideally when the snow is gone! Summer clothing is worn until Indian summer or no later than the end of September.



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