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Fashion Errors That Make You Look Rounder

Clothes are made to have fun and highlight your silhouette. But poorly chosen they can add extra (imaginary) kilos. Read on the things not to do. And above all, don't forget, your body is beautiful so there is no point in hiding it.

Of course, there are these pieces that catch our eye among the latest fashion trends of the season; or this colour or material that we particularly love but which is just not for us... Stop preconceived ideas too: wearing a garment that is too big will not necessarily be beneficial for the harmony of the silhouette, and prints will not necessarily camouflage a part of the body that we want to forget... In short, so many small style mistakes that could be avoided and restore our self-confidence! Here are a few mistakes we make most often, and easy to correct!

Wearing clothes that are too big
The first reflex is not necessarily the right one. Contrary to what one might think, using wide clothes to hide your body, or simply, your small complexes, is a real mistake. Indeed, instead of hiding what you want to hide, large volumes accentuate your curves, with wide hips for example. The solution? Mix the clothes wide and less wide, opting for a wide room at the top or bottom with a more structured and curved room.

Dressing in clothes that are too small
Because yes, the opposite is not the solution either! Keeping skinny pants too tight or poorly cut, under the pretext that it will serve as a motivation to eat less chocolate, will not flatter your figure. On the contrary, a room that is too small will accentuate your defects and define curves where there are none.

The total black look can be treacherous
Black is elegant. Black is chic. Black refines the silhouette. For sure. But worn from head to toe, it finally brings out all your little defects. You who wanted to hide them failed. And yes, this dark colour will undoubtedly bring out dull skin, dark circles, or bland hair. The solution? Adopt it sparingly by wearing it only in small touches or on a few strong pieces.

Beware of the accumulation of colours
If too much black kills black, too many colours also kill colour. Too many bright colours - especially when placed in the areas that complex you - will increase your curves. Forget the accumulation of colours that are too bright and respect the golden rule that recommends wearing only 3 colours per outfit (including accessories).

Beware of - bad – printed
If the various and varied prints and patterns are ultra-trendy, they also have the unfortunate habit of weighing down your silhouette, especially in the legs, buttocks, and lower abdomen. So that they do not deform your body, opt for prints that will not add to your silhouette such as peas, tight flowers or fine, and especially vertical, flowers. Regarding the colours of the latter, nothing better than soft shades, in shades or tone on tone.

Oops, the tops are too covering
Round neck too close to the body, buttoned shirt until the last button, chimney collar or turtleneck will not do you any help. These stifle your figure and bring you a few extra pounds. opt for good neckline forms, such as open collars as the V-cut that refines the body with simplicity and efficiency or the plunging neckline to adopt with chic.

Warning on accessories in accumulation
Worn in accumulation - especially if they are imposing - our friends' jewellery attracts the eye to your curves. And since it is better to sublimate the body than to hide it with a string of rings and bracelets, opt for the simplicity of small pieces. If, however, you are an undeniable fan of imposing jewellery such as cuffs, hoops, or plastron necklaces, make a choice and fall for only one piece.

(too) flat shoes
So yes, the dish is comfortable and above all ultra-practical. The problem, flat shoes, sometimes increase the size of your ankles or calves. But be careful, no need to wear dizzying stilettos to enlarge your figure. Boots with a 5 cm square heel will do perfectly. And of course, in summer, we don't totally ban his flat sandals to accompany your favourite long dress and other seasonal skirts, eh!

Now it’s up to you!


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