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Fashion New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

Who says the start of the year says good resolutions? Quitting smoking, eating fatty foods, driving too fast, these are all great places to start, but what about our wardrobes? Here are four good fashion habits that are easy to adopt for 2021.

Buy less!

It is a fact. With the rise of fast fashion and online shopping, we often find ourselves buying more than we need. A ninth white t-shirt? A fourth floral skirt? Trends are indeed cool. But you don't have to follow them all! What if we focused instead on pieces that we like and that last? Do you often feel that a specific item is missing from your walk-in closet? A well-cut pants or blazer, a flawless style dress, a timeless pair of shoes? These are the items to invest in this year, focusing on quality. It's better to have a single, well-tailored jacket than four or five with a poor fit.

Sort out your wardrobes.

If you haven't worn this pair of glittery shoes in twelve months, chances are you won't be putting them back on anytime soon. Either it's damaged, you don't like it anymore, or because you don't fit into it anymore. Even though it can sometimes be hard to separate from the rooms you have loved, it is essential to make spaces in your wardrobes. Not to be able to buy more, be careful (what about the first resolution?) But to see more clearly. And who knows, you might be able to unearth a never-worn or little-worn nugget that could become your new favourite piece.

Think about sustainability.

Even if it means parting with your clothes, you might as well do it well. If they are in good condition, take the opportunity to donate them to find your local charity shop or sell them. When it comes to buying new clothes, many brands are now banking on green fashion. The goal? Use organic or recycled raw materials and reduce the use of chemicals when designing parts.

Buy a size up.

Said like that, it might seem obvious. And yet, how many women buy clothes that are too small? However, most of these purchases often remain in your wardrobe. It's very unpleasant to wear a skirt that is too small, even though the solution is obvious: if this dress exists in size 8, 10 or 12 it is because there is a reason. For 2021 we put a stop to the fantasised sizes, and we try in the changing room! Is it harmonious? We take. Isn't it? We take the size up or rest without telling ourselves that they will fit after three months of the diet.


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