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Fashion Tips for Date Nights This Winter

As the cold arrives, an evening wrapped up in front of the television excites you much more than an outing outside to meet people... Don't draw a line on your social life, just equip yourself well! Let's say Tomorrow gives you fashion tips for your romantic encounters this winter.

Fleece, ski coat, boots, turtleneck... The winter dressing room is not the most attractive at first glance. With our tips, adopt the perfect pieces to stay chic even in times of extreme cold weather. With them, you don't risk getting sick during your romantic date!

The layering technique to never get cold again
One of the most effective tips to stay warm during a date is to superimpose several layers of clothes. For men, opt for a shirt in cotton flannel or merino wool. Above, you have the choice between the classic turtleneck, the thin sweater, or the cardigan. Finish your look with a blazer and then a coat, the cold will never be a problem again! On the women's wardrobe side, remember to mix warm pieces with chic or very feminine pieces. Above, a black turtleneck and a blazer under a long camel belted coat give a lot of styles. Classic, but always bluffing, the shirt comes in all colours under a neckline sweater.

A wraparound coat to keep warm
To fight the cold with elegance, a beautiful coat is essential. For men or women, the choice is vast: short or long coats, duffle coats, parkas, down jackets... For a dress style, prefer a coat. It draws a beautiful silhouette while bringing warmth. It can be worn on a blazer, for a resolutely chic style. The important thing is to choose your cut according to its morphology, preferably in a beautiful material. Choose a simple model sober or with a plaid or pied-de-poule pattern. For a casual style daily, the parka keeps warm while protecting from the rain. Its loose cut is very pleasant, especially to accumulate the coins below without suffocating.

Pants to keep your legs protected
Stay chic in pants for your meetings this winter, easy! Forget pants with very fluid or too thin materials, but also models discovering the ankle. Prefer more fitted cuts in warm materials, such as velvet, wool, or tweed. In winter, pants have a lot of character and hold thanks to these beautiful materials. For women, but also for men, wool flannel pants are essential in the dressing room. It is perfect for a chic look combined with boots or for a more casual outfit with sneakers.

Original socks and tights to warm up
To continue to wear your most beautiful dresses, socks or tights are essential in winter. Opaque, black, grey, brown, or coloured, the tights keep warm while nicely gluing the legs. For the most daring, opt for feathery-made tights, for example. Very practical, socks keep your feet warm and bring the final touch to a look. In wool, lurex, cashmere, available in an infinity of colours... The sock brightens up winter outfits with a touch of fantasy.

Accessories to create elegant outfits effortlessly
Express your personality to charm a suitor while protecting yourself from the cold. Say yes to accessories! To keep your head protected, berets and hats are your allies. More casual or elegant, they decorate all your outfits. Impossible to go unnoticed with a beautiful felt hat or a coloured mesh cap. On the side of the scarves, you can afford all the fantasies. However, prefer to invest in a model made with beautiful materials: silk, wool, cashmere... Choose the oversize to wrap yourself in it. In terms of colours, it depends on your tastes! To protect your hands from the cold, leather gloves are perfect for being comfortable in style.


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