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Fashion Tips to No Longer Get Cold in Winter

When the mercury drops, it is our feet and hands that toast first. We reveal the best accessories to shop and the right reflexes to adopt to warm up your little feet in the blink of an eye once winter comes!

It is well known, in winter, our extremities are among the first to make us feel the outside temperature falling at the same rate as our hands. The reason? The body, this wonderful machine, concentrates heat on the vital organs to allow them to function well. It's good, but, on the other hand, we're so cold in our feet that they hurt us! Fortunately, to no longer feel like you have ice cubes instead of your toes, there are perfect accessories to face the cold and good fashion reflexes!

Fall for warm and trendy shoes

Not feeling cold in your feet anymore, starts above all with the choice of shoes. We separate from our canvas sneakers and moccasins that show the ankle and we opt for boots lined or even fleece fabrics. As we have already seen on social networks, it's time for warm and comfortable shoes. In recent months, celebrities and fashionistas have been rushing to many UGG cocooning models at will (platform, it's even more trendy) or to the post-ski or Moon Boots hulls or Moon Boots pegs.

Choose your socks and tights in the right material

It's the basics so as not to have frozen feet. Cotton socks are good in summer and mid-season but it's not hot enough for winter. In addition, cotton is a material that absorbs moisture and perspiration from your feet but dries very slowly. Consequence: all this water accumulated in the fabric cools to the rate where temperatures drop and cool your feet at the same time. So, swap your socks and other light cotton high socks for models in wool, ribbed mesh, cashmere or angora models, warm and soft materials to defy the cold in comfort, we love it!

Do not accumulate pairs of socks!

And yes, you read it right! We often think that the more pairs of socks we put on each other, the hotter we will be, serious mistake, it's (almost) the opposite. Be aware that this promotes poor blood circulation, which is one of the causes of frostbite. By squeezing and compressing your feet in multiple layers of socks, you may rather cool your feet. So immediately remove your four pairs of socks stacked on top of each other on your feet and settle for a very warm model as seen before. On the other hand, you can warm your feet a little more when you are in tights by superimposing a pair of socks without worries!

Bet on anti-cold soles

Michelin, soles really have a role to play against the cold. Choose them thick enough to properly insulate your arch from the cold or, even better, opt for thermal insoles that very effectively protect your feet from the cold. Who says better? Well, the heated soles - yes it exists - will serve as a small heating in your shoes. Simply recharge your heated soles with a grip and then slip them into your shoes to be very hot. Today we find models that can also be charged via USB cable, and whose thermostat can even be adjusted and controlled via an application on your smartphone. It's all beautiful (all hot) the technology, isn't it?


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