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Fashion Tips to Slim Your Waist Without Going on a Diet

Have you tried everything to have an hourglass figure, but in vain? Do not panic! With the right outfit, you can achieve the hourglass figure you've always dreamed of effortlessly!

Size is an area that is particularly difficult to narrow down. While this can still be done with a balanced diet and targeted exercise, there is a much easier way to achieve a marked waistline in no time: wear the right clothes.

6 fashion tips to refine your size

Want to show off a slim, marked waist without hitting the gym? All you have to do is combine the right clothes or wear accessories that flatter the figure: here are some ideas.


High Fluid

Without a doubt, this is the easiest way to accentuate your waist. Wear a pretty flared top, blouse, or oversized sweater tucked into your jeans or skirt (high waist preferred). The folds that appear automatically emphasise the narrowest part of your upper body. Too easy, isn't it?


High Waist Trousers

It is well known that high waisted pants tend to slim the silhouette. Shaping its advantageous cut makes it possible to camouflage these few curves while lengthening the legs and raising the buttocks. Again, combine this with a top that you tuck into your pants, and voila! Find our tips for choosing your high waist pants and wearing them here.


A Dress Tightened at the Waist

Choose loose dress narrowed at the waist. Such as the wrap dress: its V-neckline offers a pretty neckline, while its cinched shape to tie at the waist emphasizes the curves while hiding the stomach and hips.


Your Ally: The Belt

Wear a belt around your waist when wearing a sweater, dress or cardigan: it will mark your figure more. This also applies to coats: opt for a model belted at the waist.


The Belt Bag

This season, handbags are worn at the waist, a stylish and perfect tip for sculpting the silhouette!


Shoulders Forward

Another easy option to make your waist look narrower is to pay special attention to your shoulders. Wear a top off the shoulders or with shoulder pads. Your figure will instantly appear slimmer and your waist narrower!



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