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Fashion Trend: How and With What to Wear with Pink?

Pink is omnipresent! Millennial, tangy, nude, bubble gum or raspberry, this girly and feminine colour has never been so trendy.

Timeless! Still at the heart of the latest fashion trends, pink dress us with style and originality, provided you tame it well. Zoom on our tips to adopt it.

Pink colour: bet a strong piece

To wear pink without doing too much, you can choose to adopt the colour on a single piece. To do this, you must choose a garment with a strong identity, of quality, and in a beautiful material. You can, for example, fall for a fuchsia oversized silk blazer jacket, to be mixed with a white slogan T-shirt and dark mom jeans. Another option? Fall for pants. Candy pink palazzo pants, terribly trendy, to be combined with a black top to calm the game and a pair of sandals compensated to gain a little in height.

Dare the total pink look

Attention, this advice is for the most fashionable of you! And yes, the total pink look is not so easy to adopt. In order not to look like giant cotton candy, we advise you to choose only sober and timeless pieces. The right twist? A nude pink trouser suit set, mixed with a pair of sneakers of the same colour, will give your look a little wind of modernity.

Play on a pretty shade of rose

Wearing pink as a cay is a good alternative. Already because you no longer need to choose between all the shades of pink that you love so much. Practical for the undecided, right? Then, it will boost a good dose of style to your everyday look. How to make a beautiful cameo? By choosing pieces in a gradient of pink. At the top, wear the lightest garment to illuminate your face, and at the darkest bottom, to refine your silhouette. For example, a raspberry or pastel pink blouse with old pink tailored pants. And at the feet? Pink and pink again, with a pair of nude moccasins. Obviously, opt for a small round fuchsia bag, which will give pep to the entire outfit.

Bet on accessories all in pink

As we know, pink is not the easiest colour to wear. So, if you are rather of the discreet type, know that you can very well adopt it simply by small touches. First, on your shoes. You can opt for a pair of nude pink sneakers, fuchsia heel sandals, or raspberry pumps. How about panting your look with a bag? Fall for a trendy model such as a millennial pink round bag or a colourful chain bag. Finally, don't forget to play with the pink jewellery card that will bring a little extra touch of colour.

Break the "girly" side of the rose

Finally, the last tip to wear pink in all subtlety: mix it with more sporty pieces. The goal? Break the image, sometimes too girly, that this colour returns. To do this, you absolutely need a pair of sneakers or derbies for the boyish side.

Regarding clothes, nothing better than boyfriend jeans, dark and masculine tailored pants and an oversized bomber that will match perfectly with more feminine pink pieces.

So, ready to see life in pink?


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