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Fashion Trends from The Catwalks to Our Wardrobes

I don't know about you, but this year I think autumn has started early. We went from scorching heat for a few days to autumnal freshness in the space of a few weeks! Be prepared for the sudden change from 28 to 11 degrees at the end of September and be ready to sort your dressing room earlier than expected.

This forced storage, however necessary, is an opportunity to take an interest in the new autumn-winter collections. What pieces in our wardrobe are we going to be able to reuse? From catwalks to boutiques, what are the trends? Small decryption ...

Catwalk fashion

Watching the ready-to-wear from the catwalks, one always has the impression that the designers and priestesses of fashion keep quite a distance from the poor mortals that we are. We being the (extra) ordinary women of everyday life.

This season is the feeling I get from the autumn/ Winter shows. They sign the return of the veil and Bermuda shorts, push the fringes and oversize to excess, adopt corsets, long leather coats and vertiginous platforms, drape themselves in rows of pearls.

Can't see yourself wearing a corset, veil, or shorts to go to the office or do your shopping in the middle of winter? Neither do I! rest assured; the ready-to-wear fashion shows set trends. A sort of editorial line that our favourite brands generally know how to adapt to our everyday needs.

So, what are the pieces, colours, and styles that we can adapt to this season? What are the choices of ready-to-wear brands? Here is a small non-exhaustive overview.

The fashion of our wardrobes

Curious as I am, I recently walked through the doors of a well-known brand to conquer accessible fashion trends. The autumn-winter season marks the return of very worked, dressed, elegant fashion.

On the printed side, we find polka dots, floral and animal patterns, also cashmere effects, large or small. Checks, houndstooth and Prince of Wales checks are not to be outdone, as they can be found on most of the pieces of our wardrobe: skirts, pants, jackets, coats, etc. Since these prints have been widely acclaimed for several winters, it is reassuring to know that we can reuse our favourite pieces from previous years.


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