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Find Your Style!

We live in a world of appearances! How to find your clothing style? The style, as futile and superficial as it may seem, is the image of sending you back to the world around you.

To begin, it is necessary to be aware that there may be a difference between the desired image and the perceived image. This is why you will see the importance of the clothing style with examples and my 5 tips for how to find your clothing style.

Why Choose a Style?

How to find your style of dress, ok but above all why? Your appearance, what you give off with your look is above all a way of communicating with others.

Depending on your personality, your mood, your emotions, the style of clothing is a reflection of who you are but must also be appropriate to the context, according to the codes of society. It's a bit like your business card before you even speak with people, they get an idea of ​​the person they have in front of them and it is your look that will point them out! The image you want to convey to yourself will be influenced by the choice of your clothes, just like your attitude and behaviour.

The Different Clothing Styles

To help you find your way around and learn how to find your dress style, I have selected a few examples. First, you will be able to identify which style suits you best in this non-exhaustive list. However, after targeting your preferences, I advise you to refine and adapt each style to your personality. Mixing styles is allowed as long as they look like you!


Classic Style

What is a "classic" style? Plain-clothes, in neutral tones (black, white, beige, grey, navy, ...) and sober cuts. Here you have the perfect classic style dressing room.

This style says about you ...

Favouring the characteristics of comfort and practicality, the outfits of the classic style are generally sober and "go everywhere" without however lacking in personality! A woman dressed in "classic" clothes relies on proven values. It’s a safety sign. The “classic” wardrobe is essentially composed of timeless basic.

The Sophisticated Style

Rather "sophisticated" style is based on refinement and elegance. With very feminine, fitted and curved pieces, women who dress "sophisticated" favour quality, the material of the clothes and often abandon the bright colours.

This Style Says About You ...

By definition, the sophisticated style is worked, sought after and leaves little room for naturalness. An ultra-feminine look that plays between the codes of femme fatale and businesswoman. Take and keep control is the motto!

The Bohemian Style

Drawing its inspiration from the seventies/hippie trends, the bohemian style is often characterized by fluid, vaporous, printed, colourful, comfortable pieces with a touch of romance. Materials such as leather, suede, bring this subtle touch of bohemian.

This Style Says About You ...

A bohemian style reveals your romantic, feminine and free side.

The Rock Chic Style

Originally reserved for groupies of rock and metal groups, this style has democratized and invaded the fashion sphere. A rock-influenced cloakroom favours leather and worships black and other dark colours! The classics of the rock style: the leather biker jacket, the nails and the fringes.

This style says about you ...

Strong personality, a bit rebellious, the rock woman assumes her dark side with a lot of femininity! Affirmed, this look gives off certain confidence.

The Sport Chic Style

Since the ‘90s, sportswear has left stadiums and gymnasiums to enter the streets. No more jogging, sneakers and sweat jackets combo to wear this style. Comfort, ease and balance will help you master the codes of chic sport! Avoid the total look, however, except to go to the gym!

This style says about you ...

By definition, the sport-chic style is a mixture of pieces reserved for sportswomen and more elegant pieces. For example, tailored pants and sweatshirt printed dress and lace skirts. Sport chic women want to be comfortable while remaining feminine.

Vintage Style

To have a vintage look, you must use pieces dating back more than 20 years! In their cuts, materials, prints, the inspiration aroused by the look must refer to a bygone era. You can find them in thrift stores, flea markets, or in standard fast-fashion stores.

This style says about you ...

The vintage style refers to the past, so women who dress in vintage have a particular taste for history, and like that their clothes tell this story. Generally, very feminine, they mix new items with second hands to perfection.

Casual Style

The casual style favours natural materials, simple clothes, comfort, it's a bit like the idea of a "Sunday in the countryside."

This style says about you ...

Women who wear the casual style, above all, like to feel comfortable in their clothes. In general, they are "relaxed", cool and without headache.




To find the style that suits you, choose pieces that are suitable for your body type.


To feel good about yourself, you have to please yourself! It's essential! Do not feel disguised, be yourself in the clothes you wear. As I explained to you before, your appearance must reflect your personality. You will gain self-confidence and charisma.


Sometimes the clothes look different on a hanger, so in the shops feel free to try on the pieces you want. Get out of your comfort zone to try new things.


In our societies, there are a whole bunch of codes that must be respected. Each context is different, without completely changing your style, you have to find the right balance between your style, that is to say, you and the context. For example: for a job interview, if your style is rock, prefer a neutral look with a slight rock touch, like ankle boots or a rock necklace. Accessories are your best allies.


When you think you've found your style of dress, don't overdo it at the risk of appearing disguised or lacking in personality. Your clothing style is personal and should reflect who you are.


“Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after “style.” – John Fairchild


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