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Five tips to dress well in the mid-season (when it's both hot and cold)

Trees are budding, and the sun is more present: no doubt, it's spring. But be careful; morning temperatures can still play tricks on you! It is finally an opportunity to swap winter coats and down jackets for a comfortable, lighter mid-season wardrobe.

Dressing well in mid-season when it's both hot and cold can be challenging, but here are five tips to help you look stylish and comfortable:

Beware of the rain
We tend to forget it, but spring often rhymes with humidity and freshness. The inevitable trench is the room that will protect you from both wind and showers. We love it first because it is suitable for all morphologies, it is iconic from a style point of view, and then we will not lie to each other its colour, beige or navy, goes with everything. It adapts to a relaxed style like the jeans sneaker duo and more elegant evening outfits. So, keep it always at hand because it gives a crazy look. And if the weather warms up suddenly, slip it into your spring shopping bag, neither seen nor known.

Overlay your clothes
Opt for natural, breathable cotton, linen, or bamboo fabrics. These lightweight materials allow air to circulate and help regulate body temperature. At the bottom, jeans or cigarette pants will perfect these looks. At the feet, the famous slingback pump open at the back will be perfect; always in the idea of warmer afternoons, you let your feet breathe.

Opt for light jeans
Changing the colour gives an impression of spring novelty, even with cool temperatures. No darker blue; with sunny days, we want much cooler white or beige to mix with a sky-blue shirt or a cashmere sweater at the beginning of the season. Opt for a 7/8th high-waisted model, and for an even more stylish effect, fit a section of your t-shirt or shirt into your pants. On the feet, exit the big socks, leave your ankles in the air with mini socks in your sneakers, or simply barefoot in your trendy moccasins.

Have the right accessories at hand
No more coats and down jackets; go for the little spring jackets like the blazer, thin or sleeveless down jackets, short denim, or leather jackets. But to fight against the morning breeze, always have a small square of silk tied in a tip around your neck, a thin scarf or linen stole very effective against freshness. Choose bright colours, pastel variations, or prints that give you a good look. And when you go for a drink on the terrace, remember your sunglasses. This season wears bold shapes (heart, butterfly) in coloured and transparent acetate or the XXL scale version with frames hiding eye contours; very 70s, we validate! Finally, if you prefer, opt for safe values such as aviators.

Adequate shoes
Small short boots are also an excellent option to keep your feet warm. They blend with great elegance with slim jeans, a 7/8th pants model, or an XXL length dress. Another spring companion Birkenstock's Boston flat clogs or similar, which you will wear with ultra-stylish ribbed, plain socks that you will not hesitate to remove if necessary. These clogs are increasingly popular because they mix with everything: trousers suits, trousers, suits, dresses, skirts and jeans, shorts...


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