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Flared Jeans: A Few Trendy Models That Refine the Silhouette

Its return to the forefront of the fashion scene is more acclaimed as it suits all body types. This season, we're saying goodbye to skinny jeans, and giving way to flared jeans!

Back in the '70s! Between long collars, boots with vintage heels, sweaters with puffed sleeves... Our wardrobes have a taste of Deja vu, but it is above all the return of flared jeans which, marks the advent of the retro style this season. It is easily recognised by its narrow cut at the top then flared down from the calf. To wear in summer as in winter, it multiplies on the silhouettes of all women.

And honestly, we weren't against this comeback as it combines many fashion arguments. One of them: its cut, which flatters all morphologies, in addition to lengthening the silhouette to infinity... In short, we can only welcome its return with great fanfare. Not true? However, there are a few rules to follow so that flare jeans fit your curves perfectly.

How to choose the right jeans according to your morphology?

Short, wide, slim, long... Flared jeans are suitable for all body types. If you are tall and slender, you can afford all the cuts! If you are small, avoid models that are too wide and prefer cuts that are tighter at the thighs and slightly flared at the bottom. If you are round, and you have an O or A morphology, bet on high-waisted models that will not mark your hips and opt for dark colours. On the other hand, if you have an H morphology, do not hesitate to abuse coloured jeans… You can easily afford it.

To which flared jeans?

This season, flared jeans offer a possibility of colours and washes. In the classic version, it is also adorned with very fashionable colours.

In yellow, camel, or even white flared jeans are adorned with fashionable details such as large buttons or pockets. We also like the frayed jeans version down! And even "Split Hem" way.

How to wear flared jeans to be trendy?

We grant you; the flared jeans alone give an incredible look! But for even more style, we tell you how to combine it well. Do you want to play it hippie chic and retro all the way? Twist the flared jeans to a pair of vintage block heel boots. At the top, we opt for the trendy sleeveless sweater. But if you are not a fan of 100% seventies silhouettes, there is nothing to worry about. In addition to suiting all body types, flared jeans match all styles.

For a rock and offbeat look, we adopt the flare with chunky boots and a pretty leather blazer.

To face winter with style, wear a big knit sweater, a long coat, or a parka. In short, we adopt these jeans with our eyes closed!


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