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Good Reasons to Add Red to Your Wardrobe

Even if my wardrobe is very basic and essentially composed of neutral colours for practical reasons, for a year or two I have allowed myself to bring a little colour into my dressing room and especially red. It is almost the only strong colour that I give myself, firstly because I like it very much, of course, but also because I find red extremely easy to wear. This is quite new for me because I grew up with this idea that red was too showy, borderline a little vulgar and that we wear it only to be noticed!

This is where years of reading women's magazines since I was a teenager have led me to false beliefs that have often deprived me of dressing the way I wanted. It's even worse than that: these false beliefs and these famous rules of fashion have anesthetised me so much that I did not even allow myself to want certain things. So, this was the case with red. I thought it was a colour reserved for passionate, assertive, powerful women... who want to be sexy and be noticed. Not me, then. Finally... that was before. Age is helping, I think I feel better about myself, and I allow myself more fantasy. Not that I want to be noticed, on the contrary, I think I don't care about the look of others. I want to wear red because this colour makes me vibrate and gives off positive waves, quite simply!

I think it's important when you have a dressing room essentially composed of basics with neutral colours, to add colour as a "red thread" to boost a little bit of all that. But this is not an obligation! However, if you feel like putting a little cheerfulness in your wardrobe, I think red is a good option for several reasons:

Red is a timeless colour

Every year it's the same, there are trends to follow in terms of colours! But red is a colour that I personally get tired of less than others. Red will never go out of style, especially if it's a bright deep red. A wardrobe basic!

Because red gives off positive energies

I'm sad to have grown up with this idea that red is the colour of passion or seduction in the negative sense of the word... In my opinion, red is not an aggressive colour, especially when worn with small touches. Be careful we are talking about fashion, not decoration. I do not like red in the decoration, I find that indeed it is quite tiring for the eyes, it is not a soothing colour in fashion, red is an assertive colour, rather synonymous in my opinion with dynamism, self-confidence, and desire to share light. Because red is a bright colour, when it is grey outside it is the best way to brighten up your day.

Because red boosts a wardrobe with neutral colours

If you're not the type to splurge and the wardrobe is made up of white T-shirts, grey sweaters, blue jeans, navy caban and other very classic pieces, red is a great choice to boost a little all that! But it is not an obligation, I repeat. I love wearing neutral tones for many reasons, I don't think it's bland at all! I also know how scary it can be to inject colour into your wardrobe when you're afraid of making a mistake, but with red, you can't go wrong: it awakens beiges and greys, matches well with camel, illuminates navy blue... I also love the pink / red duo that I find very inspiring (a little 70's side-a little candy), and I also like the red/green bottle combination. I reserve the red and white association for Christmas!
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