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Great Purchases to Make This January to Save Money!

It is well known: the weeks following the Christmas break are relatively quiet, the desire to shop is rather exchanged by the desire to stay at home warm! However, January is a great time to shop since most in-store and online offer more than interesting discounts! Whether it's for off-season items or thanks to extended boxing-day discounts, you can make big savings by digging around a bit! How would you like to get more for your money? Here are a few great purchases to make to save in January!

Checked Coat

One of the most popular styles of the day, the checked coat always makes our hearts beat faster! Perfect for winter outings where the temperature is milder, this coat will sublimate your outfits in two steps, three movements! Plus, since checks hardly ever go out of fashion, you'll be able to wear it next autumn/winter!

Soft Ribbed Turtleneck

Because it's probably one of the only things you want to wear when it's cold: knits are our favourite items this season! This winter, loose, short cut styles are popular! We love this camel soft ribbed jumper with long sleeves that will give a good dose of style to your outfit without compromising your comfort!

Black Stripe Scarf

Even though the Christmas break has passed, the stripe pattern trend continues in this cold season! We love it for its dapper colour which gives punch to our sober winter coats and its practically timeless print. Enjoy it while it is on sale, you can wear it for a few more months and you will be delighted to find it again next winter!

Winter Ankle Boots

Nothing like good quality winter boots to enjoy winter! Real essential to brave the cold weather, these boots will be your best allies this season (and for many other winters to come!) The `` post-Christmas season '' period is when you will find more than interesting discounts for boots so make the most of it before there are many styles (and sizes!)

Hot Bottoms

One of the best tips to avoid getting cold in winter: wear coveralls! Wearing close-fitting clothes will keep you warm (and we particularly like this beige and brown Scottish checked model which is pretty much!). By being well equipped to brave the temperature, you will (almost) love winter!

Girly Beanie

Wacky beanies have captured our hearts this season! We love the ultra-feminine side of this burgundy tuque, which is matched for a tone-on-tone effect that is 100% successful! Worn with a dress coat, a sport coat or even a simple knit, it will undoubtedly turn heads!

Chic Goddess Handbag

You have always dreamed of getting a beautiful handbag, now is your chance! The "Chic Goddess" Tote is an elegant, simple, yet functional travel/work tote bag. It is accented with sparkles in between the lines & layers! It's a 3D Laser Cut Gold Stud Tote made with custom shined faux leather. It is elegant, yet eccentric - you'll be the spotlight of every room.


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