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Great Summer Looks for Women Aged 50 and Over

A woman of 50 years and over should adopt a dynamic and elegant look that emphasises her morphology. The 50-year-old woman of today is no longer the 50-year-old woman of our grandparents' days.

Tips for dressing well after 50

If you are a woman over 50, I really urge you to stick with it when it comes to your looks. Know that you are a role model for younger women. Personally, when I see a well-dressed woman over 50 in the street taking care of her appearance, it really makes me happy.

After 50 years, I advise you to adopt a simple, dynamic and elegant look! In my opinion, the coolest dress style for a woman over 50 is the smart-casual style. The classic style can be good too. But very classic, strict looks aren't always the most flattering for a woman over 50. The very classic could age you, even if it is elegant.


Wear jeans often

Personally, I find jeans a must-have for a 50-year-old (or older) wardrobe! It is a piece that has the power to easily energise a look with elegance if chosen well.


Have a trench coat in your wardrobe

The trench coat is a piece that I find really flattering at any age. At more than 50 years old, this is a piece that will give your outfits a great boost of freshness and elegance. The trench coat can be worn with everything and can be flattering for all body types if chosen correctly.

I really advise you to go for a light and bright colour. In my opinion, ecru or sand beige for a trench coat is the most flattering shade.


Do not forbid yourself the skirt or short dress

Above 50 years old, do not forbid yourself to wear a short dress or a short skirt. What to avoid, however, is to opt for the ultra-short, for the tight fit or for the short paired with slightly sexy pieces.


Adopt a not too classic look in classic pants

If you want to go for pants, be careful not to age yourself. Choose elegant classic pants but know how to combine them with other pieces that are a little less classic.


Dare to colour but sparingly

Dare to use colour to spice up your outfits. But I advise you to avoid outfits made up of too many completely different colours. Be sure to keep a beautiful harmony of colours in your outfits. For example, use a strong colour associated with a neutral colour such as white/beige / grey / black or for example achieve pretty shades of colours


Replace black with navy blue

Consider navy blue to replace black. Navy blue is gentler on the complexion than black.


Adopt a rejuvenating haircut and hairstyle

Avoid overworked haircuts and overly sophisticated hairstyles daily, because it is ageing. I advise you to keep your haircut simple and modern and not to overwork your hairstyle. Go for a natural effect, this is the most refreshing thing.


You now know I think a lot about the different looks you could adopt if you are a woman over 50. As you can see, you can actually wear quite the same thing as when you were 30 years old. Just be sure to opt for looks that are well-cut, good quality, elegant and flattering for your figure.


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