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Hello February!

Goodbye January and thank you for the start of the year!

Have you started 2021 in good spirits? Us, too. But we do not intend to stop there when it comes to motivation. It's still grey and cold, and you're looking forward to the holidays like never before ... But that's no reason to put your style aside.

The month of February is resisting! It imposes on us one more day ... But winter will be behind us soon, and the sunny days are returning. With them, Fashion Week, its trends, and renewed fashion desires. What if you took the opportunity to infuse a healthy dose of change into your fashionista life?

What to wear in February?

Dressing in cold weather always requires a bit more effort than usual, especially when you wake up in the early morning when it's still dark. The month of February is known to be freezing. Applying the right look can give us a little boost of energy to get through this period.

Also, the trends of the moment are pretty and feminine. Add one or more of these items in your wardrobe, and you will be set for the rest of the winter season!


Ready to be inspired? Here's what to wear in February.

The Teddy Coat

Having a stylish look adapted to freezing temperatures is possible! Adopt the teddy coat trend to stay warm and on top of trends.

For cold winter days, this long black teddy coat is the ideal throw. Cosy up and still look chic in this trendy piece, Crafted from elegant materials. This full-body coat adds a little glam to total warmth and comfort, which is perfect for the month of Valentine's Day. Perfect for all your outings!

Sheer Lace Blouse

This winter, layering will be one of your best allies to create refined looks full of texture. Use a variety of materials, transparency and soft colours.

We love this lace blouse that will give a feminine and romantic touch to your looks!

The Faux Leather Skirt

Wearing skirts in winter is possible! Choose for a thicker fabric such as faux leather to stay warm.

We particularly like this camel shade, which goes well with almost anything and is perfect for creating transitional winter/spring outfits.

Chic, Preppy and so Feminine!

If winter were to be represented by just one piece of clothing, it would probably be chunky knit! Whether it's a turtleneck, heavily textured knits, puffed sleeves or a cropped fit, we LOVE them. Very versatile, they pair with almost any type of skirt or pants (you can even wear it under overalls!).

We fell in love with this combination of knitting and checkered print, which creates a multi-texture outfit!

Graphic and Colourful Knit

Our love for knits is endless, and we couldn't help but get hooked on this model. The diamond pattern, the loose and relaxed fit, everything is there!

Pair it with your favourite jeans and a pair of ankle boots for a flawless look.

"Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful, without needing someone to tell you."

Happy February! 😍


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