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Hello October!

Autumn is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year when it comes to fashion. The temperature variations lead us to layer up, which creates a beautiful original look.

These autumns trends are especially pretty, feminine, and easy to pair with more basic pieces.

To guide you in adapting your looks to the cool season, here are the best items to get to complete your October wardrobe!

The leather biker jacket

The leather biker jacket is an essential piece to make the transition from summer to autumn. Simple, classic, and just edgy enough, it can elevate virtually any outfit in style!

No need to rack your brains. Jeans and a white sweater can be the perfect backdrop to pair with your jacket. A classic that we never get tired of!

The comfortable ankle boots

The temperature in October is slightly cooler so, dress your feet in boots, especially if they are lined with faux fur: the ultimate in comfort!

Quilted jacket

Stay warm in style by sporting a warm coat! Lightweight and comfortable, they can be matched with both sporty and street clothes.

Opt for a black coat for a classier look or very colourful for a more outdoor look!

The thigh boots

The perfect solution when the weather is slightly cooler, and we still want to wear our little, short dresses: over the knee boots!

Flared sleeves

As romantic as you want, the flared sleeves have won our hearts this year! This trend continues this autumn, now suitable for heavier, warmer materials like knitting.

Who wouldn't want to snuggle up there?


The colour red is Intense and vibrant. You can use it as an accent or wear it from head to toe!

It goes wonderfully with more neutral looks and will inevitably breathe new life into your wardrobe. WE love!

Floral prints

Because summer is not far behind us, we transpose the pretty floral prints in our autumn wardrobe.

The key to a floral pattern; dark colours and large patterns

Jogger pants

These pants are one of the best pieces you could have in your wardrobe.

Chic, elegant and just casual enough, it enhances a simple sweater in a snap!


Faux suede is a perfect material to complement your autumn looks. We now find it in more modern colours such as cream, light blue or grey.

All you need to do is pair a suede skirt or coat with a simple ensemble to achieve a 100% season-appropriate look!


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