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Here Is the Colour Not to Be Missed This Autumn!

This is THE shade of autumn, a real alternative to black or classic navy blue: brown is back. Follow our tips to wear it beautifully.

Brown had gone a little to fashion oblivion, yet it is making a smashing comeback in the autumn-winter 2022-2023 collections! A trend already spotted on Parisian fashion shows and that is confirmed in your favourite brands at the beginning of the season. Worn from foot to cape or by small touches, brown oscillates from the lightest to the darkest, to enhance your looks. How to combine it and wear it well this season? We tell you everything.

When you think brown, you remember the 70s and you think that it will go with nothing except mustard yellow and orange. False! Brown is combined with classic and bold colours. For a zero-risk look, wear your small brown top or pants with basic shades such as black, beige, camel, white, khaki, or grey. You can also opt for a brown shade by choosing it on clothes and accessories. The most reckless will add contrasting shades such as fuchsia, purple, fir green or bright red.

Brown, looks side
Rule number one: decline the brown shade for a more elegant effect. Add a tip of camel to your outfit and accessories, to avoid the "block" effect of a monochrome silhouette. Then, bet on the strong pieces of winter that work every time: brown pants, an XXL coat, a wide blazer jacket... to be right in the trend. Brown sweaters or cardigans will give you a little soft and chic touch if you opt for cashmere. All you must do is mix the set with accessories such as a scarf, an XXL bag, boots, a hat... And you will be perfect.

Dare brown in total look
opt for an ultra-comfortable and very fashionable sweater dress this season. You can also wear a more urban look, such as a pantsuit, canvas pants with a silk shirt in a brown gradient, or a brown skirt with an ochre sweater or Siena. Finally, for a set without a false note, put on a fluid dress in brown tones with boots and tights in the same shades, and you'll be done.

What about accessories?
The most reluctant will be able to wear this shade with a bag or shoes discreetly. As for fashion enthusiasts, they will play with the shade of brown from foot to toe, up to accessories. Think of the padded bag in this shade, the chic belt, the small scarf around the neck or the big soft stole. On the shoe side, treat yourself with heeled boots, pumps, and riders in all nearby tones. In touches or in total look, brown set the tone this season!


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