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Here Is the Style of Dress That Will Be All the Rage This Autumn-Winter 2022-2023!

The sweater season is at the tip of its nose but why not also adopt it as a dress for allurers look? That's good, the sweater dress will be the trend this autumn but this time we wear it sleeveless! Discover all our look ideas to adopt this strong trend of the season with style.

Autumn is back and takes with it cooling weather... The ideal opportunity to wear our most beautiful comfy chic looks! After the sleeveless sweater that has established itself as an essential of this season, it's up to the sweater dress to get naked! Neither too hot nor too undressed, the sleeveless sweater dress will be the perfect piece to be stylish effortlessly at the end of the year. Emblem of the 1990s, the sleeveless sweater dress is modernising and establishing itself as one of the fashion trends of this autumn-winter 2022-2023 season. Short, long, fitted to the waist or split, we crack on this very feminine piece. Practical and elegant, provided you combine it well, this "it-piece" will quickly become a basic of our wardrobe this autumn. Instructions for use to bring with style this must-have of the end of the year.

How to wear the trendy sleeveless sweater dress
Seen at the end of summer by fashion influencers, the sleeveless sweater dress is updated and is worn without moderation this season. The whole thing is to combine it well so as not to unbalance the silhouette. What we like about this piece is its ambivalence. It can be worn day and night; it is available according to our desires and inspirations.

For a comfy chic look during the day, we wear the sleeveless sweater dress with thin black tights and a nice pair of boots when the weather still allows. When the cold is at the tip of its nose, we play the superposition side, still very trendy this season. We wear a beautiful white shirt with puffy sleeves before getting hooked on this practical dress. The short model in wool and chimney collar will be preferred for a "Parisian" style look. And to play this trend to the fullest, put on a beautiful mid-season jacket. Little tip, the sherpa aviator style jacket is very fashionable this autumn so don't hesitate!

The sleeveless sweater dress can also be worn in the evening for an elegant look. In the evening, she will be self-sufficient, we will simply put on black tights and a shovel pair of pumps. For chillers, a beautiful, oversized blazer will match perfectly. For the sensual side, we will choose a long sweater dress with a beautiful slit that will reveal pretty legs. Whatever the occasion, we will prefer dark shades synonymous with autumn, black, grey, brown, or purple, the flagship colour of this season. We don't hesitate to dare white or beige during the day. To complete the look, we put on our most beautiful boots and why not the santiags boots which are the trendiest shoes of this autumn-winter 2022-2023 season!


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