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Here's how to adopt THE must-have Tailoring Fashion Trend of 2022

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Between sportswear and office wear style is the most bankable trend of the moment: tailoring with even its neo-tailoring variation. Focus on this new obsession that offers endless fashion possibilities.

It's a fact: sportswear fashion has established itself in the ready-to-wear and haute couture collections of the biggest luxury houses in recent years. Sneakers, joggings or even sweatshirts and other hoodies... We have seen the emergence of urban and modern silhouettes as a new luxury statement. But that was without considering the revival of tailoring: a more office wear fashion, both sober and chic, most of the pieces of which come from the men's wardrobe. Oversized blazer jackets, trouser suits, men's waistcoats or tuxedos, tailoring is also the perfect trend for appropriating the genderless style that advocates non-gendered fashion.

One thing is for sure, for a few seasons already, streetwear and business style have been merging wonderfully on the catwalks of the biggest fashion week shows. Collaborations between major luxury houses and sportswear brands are also constantly multiplying.

Neo-tailoring: how to adopt this 2022 fashion trend?

For a pragmatic and sophisticated silhouette, we will gladly mix office wear style clothes with pieces from the streetwear wardrobe. Something to get away from the political and too strict shackles imposed by the special business wardrobe, but also to free women's voices a little more and fight against social norms.

To appropriate the neo-tailoring style. To bring the streetwear touch, combine it with a pair of fashionable sneakers.

Another essential: the blazer! Even better in its oversized version to be at the top of the new spring-summer 2022 fashion trends, it twists perfectly with trendy joggers for a stunning sporty look. On the other hand, if you associate it with pleated trousers, don't forget to bet on a more sportswear piece such as a sweatshirt, for example. As for shoes, dare moccasins or even high heels, provided you mix it all with more urban pieces. To take on the look to the end, you have the fashionable accessories: cap, hat, or even elegant handbag... We bet that the neo-tailoring style is made for you!


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